5 Best Clipboard Manager For Mac in 2023

best clipboard manager for Mac

Best Clipboard Manager For Mac

Clipboard managers are widely used to improve workflow and productivity. Copypasting is one of the major tasks performed on computers and laptops. You often copy texts, images, links, and URLs and transfer them from one app to another. You need the best clipboard manager for Mac to assist you in this.

Why Clipboard Managers?

Even though many laptops and PCs have a built-in clipboard, that isn’t very functional or effective. Because those clipboards don’t store the history of copied content, you have to go back and copy that text again if you lose it somehow. That’s why to eliminate this recopy frustration, installing a third-party clipboard is a better option to enhance productivity. Clipboard managers keep a history of your copied content, making it easier to jump back to find the content you are looking for. Its time saving and highly efficient. 

Macbooks are the most used laptops in the professional world and in general. There are so many clipboard managers on the market for Mac. We have listed some of the best clipboard managers in this article to make it easy for you to evaluate and choose a suitable one among them. 

Our Top Picks

Below are the 5 best clipboard managers for Mac in 2023.

  1. Paste: Overall best
  2. Copy’Em
  3. Clipy
  4. PasteBox
  5. Maccy

Keep reading for a detailed review of the best clipboard manager for Mac.

Review: Best Clipboard Manager For Mac

1. Paste – Overall best clipboard manager for Mac

The paste is the most popular and most used clipboard manager for Macbooks. It lets you store everything you copy on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. You can access the copied content, images, or links anytime you want. 

Paste keep a history of copied content and sync it across other Apple devices. It also lets you categorize the copied content by using pins. It allows you to paste the content without formatting. 

You can select and paste multiple copied content simultaneously by setting up rules to simplify pasting content. It will sync all your data with iCloud, becoming a universal clipboard to copy-paste items between multiple apple devices. 


  • Friendly user interface
  • Sync across macOS and iOS devices
  • Nice additional features
  • Stores history


  • Your clipboard is stored in iCloud, which may concern your privacy.
  • The interface doesn’t stay open. 

2. Copy’Em

This clipboard manager has many advanced features to make your Macbook more productive. You can access the copied images, texts, files, HTML, code snippets, PDFs, and all other files by opening the library via the menu bar. You can sort the items easily by clicking on them. Copy’Em allows you to find copied items through its lists and labels feature. 

It syncs your clipboard with your iPhone, Ipad, and other apple devices, making it easy to copy-paste content between devices. It also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to save copied data and capture screenshots. 


  • Easy to control
  • Sync Across macOS and iOS devices
  • Batch pasting
  • List and labels content


  • No preference Pane
  • Privacy concern because it stores your data on Cloud.

3. Clipy

Clipy is a popular clipboard manager for its simplicity and high productivity. It’s free to use, which makes it accessible to everyone. 

It allows you to decide what clipboard types you want to store. It has other incredible features like snippet support, customization options, and app backlinking. Snippets enable you to pin things from the clipboard and open them in a separate menu other than the main clipboard history to make them accessible.


  • Free and open source
  • Snippets
  • Easy to use
  • Customization options


  • Simple interface
  • No support since its an open-source project

4. PasteBox

PasteBoc is a lightweight snipper and clipboard manager mainly for Macbooks and apple devices. It makes copying different types of data easy and efficient. You can copy webpages, texts, photos, HTML, etc. 

It allows you to categorize and organize the data you saved. You can access PasteBox through simple keyboard shortcuts. It also has a snippet manager that lets you use and organize your snippets. 


  • Easy navigation
  • Snippet manager
  • Sync across macOS and iOS devices
  • Organize the saved data


  • No search option
  • It stores data on the Cloud that may concern your privacy.

5. Maccy

It’s another amazing macOS cupboard manager that is also open-source. It’s a lightweight, fast clipboard that makes your copypasting quick and productive. You can use keyboard shortcuts for Maccy operations. 

Once you have learned the shortcuts, selecting clippings, pinning items, and clearing your history will be quick and easy. Maccy solely focuses on storing your copied data history and making it accessible whenever you want. 

The best feature about Maccy is that, unlike other clipboard managers, it protects your information by storing your clipboard locally and not on the Cloud. 


  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Open source
  • Easy to use
  • Solely Focused on storing data history
  • It keeps the clipboard local to ensure privacy.


  • You need to learn the shortcuts to work better.
  • Doesn’t sync devices.


What is the benefit of using a clipboard manager?

Clipboard managers store your data history and make it accessible from all the sync devices. It eliminates the hassle to recopy the whole text if you accidentally copied something else in between. It also helps find the desired copied content quickly from its history. It labels and organizes the text to make it productive for you. 

Do Macbooks have universal clipboards?

They do, but they may be inefficient because they don’t save copied content history. You may need to install a third-party clip manager to access the advanced features. 

Are clipboard managers safe?

You need to be concerned about your privacy and data security because it stores your data history. Mostly MacOS clipboards store data on the Cloud that may be accessible to an unauthorized user. It may reveal yoru passwords, bank account details, credit card details, and more sensitive information. You should avoid pinning and saving such important information on clipboard managers. Use a clipboard that stores your data on a local clipboard. 

Where do I find clipboard managers?

You can download the clipboard apps and install them on your device. You need to pay for some popular and advanced clipboards. Some clipboard managers are free and open source. You can Select according to your needs. 

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