7 Best Dual Monitor Mount in 2023

best dual monitor mount

Best Dual Monitor Mount

Do you have a hard time working in a cluttered, cramped space? Are you constantly changing your monitors’ viewing angles to get the best view? It’s high time you invest in the best dual monitor mount. Anyone who spends significant time at their computer will find a dual monitor mount to be an indispensable tool.

You can position the monitors to reduce neck and eye fatigue while increasing your productivity. We’ll look at the most popular dual monitor mounting options on the market to help you select the right one.

Our Top Picks

Below are the 7 best dual monitor mount in 2023.

  1. Huanuo Dual monitor stand
  2. VIVO Dual LCD LED 13 to 27-inch Monitor Desk Mount Stand
  3. ErGear Premium Monitor Stand
  4. AVLT Dual 24″ – 35″ monitor Arm
  5. Wali Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount
  6. VIVO Height Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm
  7. AOC AD110DO – Dual Computer Monitor Arm Mount

Keep reading for a detailed review of the best dual monitor mount.

Review: Best Dual Monitor Mount

1- HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand – Overall Best Dual Monitor Mount

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is the most popular monitor stand on the market. The monitor is adjusted by a spring which can be adjusted to the ideal height.

Dual monitor stands can accommodate computer screens from 17 inches to 27 inches in size and weigh 4.4 to 14 lbs. You can mount it in a variety of ways on your desk. It can be clamped or grommeted.

HUANUO dual monitor stand features:

Below are the features of the Huanuo dual monitor stand:

  • The adjustable spring allows you to raise your monitors up at eye level, reducing the strain and increasing productivity.
  • You can rotate, tilt, or swivel your monitor in order to find the best position for you. This adjustment allows you to save a great deal of desktop space.
  • This dual monitor stand is made of durable construction.
  • The base is also equipped with a clamp that provides a solid and secure hold on your monitors.
  • This versatile stand allows you to support a wide range of monitors from flat to curved sizes ranging between 17 and 27 inches. The arms can hold up to 14 lbs.
  • Dual monitor stands are compatible with VESA 75×75 up to 100×100 patterns from various brands.
  • The dual monitor arm is easy to put together with its 1-piece gas-spring arm. Mount it to your desktop, then fix the monitors.
  • The kit includes a C-clamp and a grommet that will fit desks up to 3.74 inches thick.
  • The dual monitor stand has a cable management system that keeps all cables hidden, saving valuable desk space.


  • A simple installation in just 10 minutes
  • You can optimize the workstation by rotating and swiveling your screens.
  • A sturdy construction is able to support the weight of monitors and make a stand durable.
  • Choose between the C clamp or grommet hole mount for your desk.


  • None

2- VIVO Dual LCD LED 13 to 27-inch Monitor Desk Mount Stand

This dual monitor stand comes with a sturdy C-clamp and optional grommet mounting that will allow you to mount it on your desk.

The cable management system allows you to organize and keep cables neat. The cable clip attachments on the arms and center pole are detachable. Dual monitor stands in black are easy to match with other computer monitors, devices, and desks.

Dual LCD LED Desk Mount Features:

Below are the features of the VIVO Dual LCD LED Desk Mount Stand for 13-27 inch Monitors.

  • Dual monitor stands can be adjusted to the eye level of your choice for maximum comfort.
  • The heavy-duty construction ensures its durability. Its heavy-duty design allows it to accommodate a variety of computer monitor weights.
  • The mounting is simple and quick. The C-clamps and grommets help secure the product on your desk.
  • Dual monitor stands are also easy to install for computer screens. The monitor stand has VESA compatibility, so you can fix your monitors using a detachable VESA plate. Assembly instructions are included.
  • Adjustable height and articulation. The articulation, rotation, and swivel options are available. Your monitors can be in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • The black color allows you to easily match it with other monitors and devices.
  • The monitor can be fitted with a variety of sizes, weights, and dimensions ranging between 13 and 27 inches in size and 22 pounds.


  • With the height-adjustable desk and cable management, you can save a great deal of space.
  • The monitors can be mounted on the arms and it takes only a few minutes to install the desk.
  • It is durable and strong because it’s made of aluminum
  • You can achieve a more comfortable position, relieving strain from your neck and shoulder, which will help you avoid health problems.
  • They are easy to match because of their black color.
  • Supports computer monitors of different sizes and weight


  • The monitor is not gas-spring supported, making it difficult to position and move the screen.

3- ErGear Premium Monitor Stand

ErGear Premium Monitor Stand is unique in its features. The dual monitor stand, for example, comes with a USB port that allows you to connect to other devices.

This package includes all of the necessary accessories to install the dual monitor stand and the monitors. The instructions included making installation easy. Gas springs allow you to easily move your monitors.

ErGear Premium Dual Monitor Stand Features:

Below are the features of ErGear’s 22-35″ Premium dual monitor stand:

  • The arms are heavy-duty and offer incredible support to your computer monitors. It comes with powerful arms that can hold up to a 26 lb monitor.
  • These dual monitor stands arms have 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA holes on the back of them to help fix your monitors.
  • Monitor mounts allow you to adjust the height of your monitors easily. The screens can be swiveled side by side or tipped up and down.
  • This dual monitor stand has a double-gas arm that allows you to create a comfortable and perfect workstation.
  • Choose between grommet mounting or double-side clamping. If you do not want to drill holes in your desk, the clamping method is perfect. You can mount your stand anywhere on the desk using grommets.
  • The desk can be supported in thicknesses ranging between 0.4 and 3.54 inches
  • The integrated cable management makes it easy to keep your workspace neat. This clutter-free workspace helps to increase productivity by removing distractions.
  • It can be raised to a maximum of 21 inches. It offers you a large amount of space to use in other ways.
  • They can be stretched up to 25.6 inches, which makes them ideal for tables with deep depths.
  • Durability and durability are ensured by the heavy-duty construction of the Dual Monitor Stand.


  • Gas springs make it simple to move the gas spring to any desired position
  • To achieve the desired result, you can rotate, tilt and swivel your monitors.
  • The stand comes complete with instructions and all the necessary accessories to install it and mount your monitors.
  • You can connect USB-enabled devices to the USB connector.
  • It is made of heavy-duty material that can support monitor weights.


  • The weight limit may be lower than advertised

4- AVLT Dual 24″ – 35″ monitor Arm

The AVLT Dual 24-35″ Monitor Arm can be used with most monitors including flat monitors, curved monitors, and ultrawide ones. The ultrawide monitors can be supported easily with the features of this arm.

You’ll need no more than 5 minutes to install the monitor arm. The monitor arm comes complete with the necessary accessories and an installation guide. Also included are toll-free screwdrivers to help you with the installation.

A dual 24″-35″ monitor arm with Features:

Below are the features of the AVLT Dual Monitor Arm 24″ -35″:

  • Dual monitor arms allow you to mount curved, ultrawide, and flat monitors.
  • The assembly is simple. You only have to attach the VESA mount to your monitor’s arm after you attach the VESA plate to the monitor.
  • This monitor arm includes all of the necessary accessories for installation, as well as an instruction guide that will guide you.
  • The monitor is also equipped with a tension-adjusting gas spring to ensure that it does not move.
  • This feature allows you to save valuable desk space by raising your computer monitors. The space you save can be used for other equipment in your workspace.
  • You can also adjust the height of your monitor to suit your viewing preferences. Comfortable postures help to reduce muscle strain.
  • This dual monitor mount is made of high-quality aluminum, steel, and gas springs. It holds the monitor securely, preventing it from wobbling or sagging.
  • The lockable bolts allow for a larger and heavier monitor to be held.
  • To avoid having a messy desk, the integrated cable management system conceals power cables and wires. It looks neat and tidy and reduces distracting elements.
  • You can choose to mount it on the desk in a variety of ways. The C-clamp option or grommet is available. The C-clamp option works best for desktops between 0.4 and 1.9 inches in thickness, whereas the grommet is suitable for those desks that are 0.4 to 2.3 inches thick.
  • Multitasking can be done by placing your screen in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Dual monitor stands are also great for storing your screens. The monitors can be pushed away so that you have more space on your desk.
  • The arms of this table can be extended to 546 mm making it a great choice for tables with deep edges


  • The body is made of high-quality steel and aluminum.
  • The enhanced tilt management allows you to tilt your monitor in the direction that suits you best.
  • The cable management system integrates into your desk to keep it organized.
  • You can tilt your monitors in portrait or landscape mode to enhance multitasking.
  • The sleek, elegant design makes it a great addition to any workstation


  • It may be difficult to adjust the tension in one arm

5-  Wali Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount

Wali Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable gas spring wall mount has many features. Its black color gives it an elegant and sleek design. This allows it to easily blend in with monitors, and any other workstation accessories.

The Wali Dual Monitor Arm is different from other dual monitor mounts in that it can be mounted on the wall. This wall-mount feature allows you to free up your desk for other tasks, boosting your productivity.

WALI Gas Spring Wall Mount for Dual LCD Monitors Fully Adjustable Features:

Below are the features of the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable gas spring wall mount:

  • The dual monitor wall mounts are compatible with monitor sizes from 27 to 42 inches
  • The plate is also compatible with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm. It can be integrated into wood walls and brick walls.
  • Monitor wall mounts offer double the efficiency and productivity. Mounting it to the wall allows you more space at your desk for other work.
  • Also, it is dynamic and adjustable. You can work comfortably in an ergonomically-correct position. This reduces neck and shoulder pain. You can therefore work longer.
  • There is a maximum distance of 38.7″ between each arm. This gives you plenty of room to set up your monitors comfortably.
  • Its sturdy design allows it to hold monitors in a variety of sizes and weights. The wall mount is also made durable.
  • The black color adds class to any workstation
  • This monitor wall mount is also equipped with integrated cable management. This system allows you to conceal the power cord and any other cables that are needed to create an organized workspace.
  • It allows you to easily adjust your monitors to eye level. It is possible to move the monitors horizontally or vertically or to have them next to one another. This allows you to be able to stand or sit while working.
  • Installation is also effortless. You will also receive a manual and mounting hardware to guide you. For any questions, you can contact the customer service.
  • You can rotate and tilt the monitors. To enhance multitasking, you can place the monitors either in portrait or landscape mode.


  • By using integrated cable management, you can remove distracting cables from your desk and concentrate solely on your job.
  • Gas springs can be easily adjusted to support monitors of different weights.
  • You can use the wall-mount feature to free up space at your desk for other tasks.
  • The sturdy design makes this stand durable and can support monitors in a variety of sizes and weights.


  • The installation is simple and there’s a manual that will guide you through the process.

6-  VIVO Height Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm

It is made of alloy steel, which makes it durable and sturdy. You can adjust it and swivel and rotate it to find the best position.

All the necessary hardware for installation is included with your monitor stand. The installation will only take a couple of minutes.

Vivo Height Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm Features:

Below are the features of the VIVO height-adjustable Pneumatic extended arm:

  • Easy installation is a feature of the VIVO Height Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm. The installation is easy with the included hardware.
  • The manual also includes instructions to guide you through the process of installation.
  • VIVO’s extended arm, in contrast to other monitor stands, is designed as a counterbalanced wall mount. Double-extended springs help you save desk space.
  • You can adjust the height of your monitor without using any tools. This allows you to choose the best viewing angle for you, whether you are standing or sitting. By adopting the right posture, you can reduce strain on your shoulders and neck.
  • You can also adjust the monitor to any desired angle using its articulating arm. To enhance multitasking, you can choose from a range of different viewing angles. You can also have your monitors set to horizontal or portrait mode.
  • Monitors from 17″ to 27″ can be mounted on the monitor wall bracket.
  • The monitors can be easily mounted on the arm using the VESA mounting holes of 75x75mm and 100x100mm.
  • Durability is enhanced by the sturdy construction of alloy steel. It resists corrosion and rust. This allows your monitor stand to be able to support the monitors.
  • Gas springs allow you to adjust tension for lighter or heavier monitors.
  • A 3-year warranty from the manufacturer is proof of its high quality and durability.
  • You can reach out to tech support if you need help.


  • Mount it to the wall and save desk space
  • Durability is assured by the high-quality materials used in construction.
  • The height can be adjusted to the eye level of your head to prevent neck strain that could lead to health problems
  • You can mount your monitor on the wall using the installation hardware and the user guide.
  • The two monitors can be tilted and rotated to your desired viewing angle.


  • Dual arm wall mounts prevent the monitors from resting side-by-side on the wall.

7- AOC’s Dual Computer Monitor Mount AD110DO

AOC’s Dual Computer Monitor Mount AD110DO encourages correct sitting postures with optimal monitor placements. The ergonomic design adds a beautiful touch to the workstation.

You can choose to mount the monitor stand on your desk in a variety of ways. The monitor stand can be mounted on the desk using either C-clamps or grommets.

AOC Ad110D0 Dual Computer Monitor Mount Features:

Below are the features of the AOC AD110DO Dual Computer Monitor Arm Mount:

  • The dual monitor stand has two arms that can each support a monitor up to 27″
  • The monitor stand can be adjusted to the height that is most comfortable for you. Proper posture can help to reduce eye, neck, and back strains. This will allow you to continue working long hours while boosting your productivity.
  • It also saves valuable space on your desk. You can choose from C-clamp or grommet hole mounting. You can use either option to save space for other accessories on your desk.
  • The monitors can be easily moved to the ideal position using a gas spring and mechanical gas strut.
  • Gas springs with adjustable tension support monitor as light or heavy as 19.8 lbs per arm.
  • Dual monitor stands also offer a variety of movements that will allow you to create the perfect setup for your workspace.
  • The monitors can be rotated, tilted, swiveled, or moved at different angles. The monitors can be set to landscape or portrait mode so that you can multitask.
  • Dual monitor stands are also VESA-compatible, so it is easy to mount your monitors. Fix your VESA-compatible monitor (75x75mm, 100x100mm), and you’ll have a workspace that allows for optimal productivity.
  • The stand also comes with a cable management system, which allows you to hide the cables behind the stand. This feature will make your workspace look neat and tidy.


  • VESA Compatible, making it simple to mount your monitors onto the arms
  • Gas spring tension can be adjusted to accommodate monitors weighing different weights
  • Cable management systems can help you to be more productive by eliminating distractions at your desk.
  • Grommets or C-clamps are available to easily mount the desk on which you want it.
  • Your workstation will look elegant and sleek with an ergonomic design


  • The height of one arm cannot be reduced to the same extent as that of the other.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Dual Monitor Mount

You have decided to improve your workstation with a dual-monitor stand. Consider the following to get the best stand.

Monitor’s Size and Weight

Dual monitor stands do not all have the same features. Some dual monitor stands will accommodate large computer screens while others may only support smaller ones.

It’s not a good idea to pair a lightweight monitor with a sturdy stand. It won’t be able to provide enough tension for the monitor to remain in its correct position. A heavy monitor mounted on a lightweight stand can be so heavy it will affect the stand’s longevity.

It is also important to consider the monitor’s size due to mounting bracket specs. You’ll struggle to fix the monitor with the dual arm if you choose the wrong size monitor stand.

Mounting Type

Many monitor stands are VESA-compatible. You should also ensure that the monitors you use are VESA-compliant for easy installation.

If you see four square-shaped screw holes on the back, your monitor may be compatible. You’re all set if the four screw holes in a square formation are present. You may want to find a monitor that is compatible if the holes are not there.


Articulation of the dual monitor stand allows for greater flexibility in positioning monitors. Dual monitor stands with flexible joints are the best.

You should be able to adjust the angle and rotation of your screens, as well as raise/lower them, with the dual monitor stand. This will allow for a comfortable set-up.

Desktop Compatibility

Attaching dual monitor stands to your desk is done using either a clamp or grommet adapter. Be sure that your monitor stand and the diameter of your grommet holes are compatible before you purchase one.

Integrated Cable Management System

A cable management system integrated into the building is a vital but sometimes overlooked factor.

It’s not a good idea to have cables strewn across your desk and hanging off your monitors. This makes your desk appear messy and unorganized.

Make sure that the dual monitor stands you choose to come with cable management systems to hide all cables. This will allow you to have a clean, open space that is free of distractions. It can help boost productivity. You can also add things that you didn’t initially have space for.


While shopping for monitor stands, color may not be the most important factor. To achieve an integrated workstation, it is important to choose the color of your monitor stands that will match your screen.

Many monitor stands are available in white, gray, or black. You can select a color to match your other desk devices.


How Should You Position Your Dual Monitors?

Position your monitors in a way that is most convenient for you. It should be easy to reach both monitors. This should prevent strain on your neck, back, eyes, or shoulders, which can lead to health problems.

Position your monitors at eye level and in front of you. Make sure that the secondary monitor also sits at an equal height as your primary monitor.

Alternatively, you can tilt the monitor at different angles to find a posture that is comfortable for you. The height of the monitor stand should be adjusted to allow you to sit or work standing up.

How Does the Dual Monitor Stand Work?

Multitasking is possible if your computer has more than one screen.

Dual monitor stands are useful for ensuring that your monitors are at the exact same height. Your screens can be positioned to suit your requirements.

Is a Dual Monitor Arm Worth it?

This is useful if you need to free up more desk space. This stand allows you to elevate monitors at a comfortable level, allowing for more space on your desktop. The extra space can be used to store more accessories or for other tasks.

A wall-mount stand is also an option. You can save a great deal of space by mounting it to the wall rather than your desk.

It is worth investing in a dual monitor stand as it will help you to achieve an ergonomic working position. Your neck and back are put under a great deal of stress when you look down at the monitor. Dual monitor stands to raise your screens to eye level, which reduces neck and eye strain.

The dual monitor stand will make your workspace look elegant, sleek, and well-organized.


It is worth investing in the best dual monitor mount as it allows you to elevate both monitors and enhance multitasking. Consider buying a dual-monitor stand if you are looking to increase your productivity. Be sure to check the material and size of its construction, as well as how much weight it can hold.

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