5 Best Ethernet Splitter in 2023

best ethernet splitter

Best Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet splitters are vital devices for connecting several devices together with one Ethernet cable. They are commonly used at offices, homes, or other settings where several devices must connect to the internet or the local network. Ethernet splitters are available in a variety of designs and types, but the best ones include speedy data transfer at a high rate, stable connectivity, and easy access.

An effective Ethernet splitter can allow you to connect multiple devices to the network, without degrading performance or speed. It can also help eliminate clutter and ease managing cables, using fewer cables. If you’re trying to set the network for your home or a smaller office or an enterprise with a lot of employees using an Ethernet splitter will help improve your efficiency and speed up the connectivity.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best Ethernet splitters on the marketplace today. We’ll highlight their strengths as well as their advantages and drawbacks in order to assist you in making an informed choice when choosing the ideal Ethernet splitter to meet your requirements.

Our Top Picks

Below are the 5 best ethernet splitters in 2023.

  1. D-Link DGS-105 LAN switch
  2. Netgear 8-Ports Gigabit GS208 LAN switch
  3. Netgear 8-Port GS308 LAN switch
  4. TP-Link 8-Ports TL-SG1008D ethernet network switch
  5. Zyxel 8-Ports GS108BV3 LAN switch

Keep reading for a detailed review of the best ethernet splitter.

Review: Best Ethernet Splitter

This D-Link DGS-105 LAN switch is an excellent purchase. It’s sturdy and designed to last for a long time. Ethernet splitters can be used to enhance and expand networks, and this model does an excellent job of doing exactly that. it is compatible with earlier CAT protocols, and it starts functioning as Cat 6 splitter. It can be used as a Cat 6 splitter all the way to Cat 8.

The DGS-105 features 5 ports to provide greater versatility and ease of use. It was easy to connect my printer, laptop, and gaming system without difficulty. The system doesn’t need any additional settings and it was simple.

A feature I really loved is the fact that the DGS-105 has auto-MDI/MDIX support. The feature detects instantly that it is required to make an over-crossover. Therefore, there’s no reason to purchase any crossover cables.

The feature also meets its Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.3az specifications. This allows you to direct priority traffic, and then assign it to the port having the most heavy workload.

Another thing I liked about the switch is the way power-efficient the switch is. Thanks to Green Ethernet Technology, it is able to recognize when a port is not in use and shut it off. Also referred to as Power Efficient Ethernet (EEE), this advanced technology reduces energy consumption in times when there is a low amount of network traffic.

The switch is equipped with LED lights that alter color according to the speed of use. It will turn green if it is connected to a device with a speed of 1000Mbps. When the port is linked to a device with a speed of 100Mbps or 10Mbps, then the lighting will become amber. The light will continue to blink while devices are either transmitting or sending information.

The one drawback I could find is the fact that the switch comes with sharp edges that could pose a risk to your safety. However, the good thing is that it is equipped with a wall mount kit. This means you can install it without getting in the out of the way.


  • Compact size
  • Affordable price
  • Energy efficient
  • Low-noise operation


  • None.

2- Netgear 8-Ports Gigabit GS208 LAN

It is the Netgear 8-Ports Gigabit Gs208 LAN switch that is used to link diverse devices to the Local Area Network (LAN). It is designed to enhance the capabilities of networking on computer systems, gaming equipment, or servers.

Based on my knowledge, this router doesn’t fail to please. It’s made well, has solid Ethernet speeds as well as being budget-friendly.

The switch was designed to provide flexibility. It’s compatible with an extensive variety of network gadgets. The installation of the cables was simple and simple. There isn’t a specific port to connect either the outlet or source cable. Therefore, you are able to plug in any network cable you want to connect into any port with no trouble or confusion.

On the face of the switch, you will find eight green LEDs. These lights indicate the port in use, its links speeds, and its current power level.

The GS208 switch features excellent, compact designs that I love. It was placed on my desk. I also put it up against the wall. It appeared great and did not consume much space. A further benefit is the non-fan design. It is able to operate with minimal sound, yet it isn’t overheated.

The one thing I really like about it is that it can boost internet speeds up to 10 times the speed of other typical switches. This is among the reasons that it’s one of the top Ethernet switches’ in 2023. In addition, the low price is what makes it a top-rated cable splitter for ethernet.

One thing that I did not dislike was the lights on LEDs. They do not change based on the power rating or the connectivity, as other switches do. They flash only a green hue.


  • Compact size
  • The price is affordable
  • Boosts Ethernet speeds
  • Low-noise operation


  • The design of the plastic case doesn’t last as long as other gadgets.
  • LED lights don’t change colors

3- Netgear 8-Port GS308 LAN switch

The 8-Port Netgear GS308 Switch for LAN is simple to set up and install. Like similar switches that are user-friendly, they do not require any installation or any particular software.

Its mounting options were flexible and easy to use. The compact size and sturdy housing made it easy to set it up on a table or place it on the wall.

The GS308 is a fan-free model that reduces operating background noise. It’s suitable for noisy environments like home offices, smaller offices, and businesses.

On the front of the device, you’ll see eight ports each one with an LED indicator light. The lights allow you to determine the active port by flashing green when the speed is 1,000Mbps and yellow when the speed is 100 or 10Mbps.

Though I was satisfied with its capabilities in many ways, however, I did find the GS308 to be the heaviest in this set. It did not feel comfortable as I mounted the device or shifted it.


  • Compact size
  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy design
  • Operation with low noise


  • The largest unit on the list

The TP-Link 8-Ports TL -SG1008D Ethernet network switch is highly-powered and effective. It has a range of advanced capabilities that allow for fast and secure data transmission.

The thing that really impressed me with this switch was the curvaceous, elegant appearance. The switch can be placed over the desk for a stylish design or placed on the wall.

The TL-SG1008D is compatible with the IEEE 802.3x The TL-SG1008D supports IEEE 802.3x in Power Efficient Ethernet Mode. This mode reduces carbon footprints every time it identifies an increase in power consumption and decreases the power consumption of ports that are not being used. Additionally, it eliminates the requirement to use crossover cables by using the auto-MDI/MDIX feature.

Its fan-free design reduces idle power loss. Furthermore, it helps keep operating noise at an absolute minimum.

The one thing I didn’t like about it is that the TL SG1008D would get slower when connecting just one device to the. Although no one really would utilize the switch only for one device, this did bother me to a degree.


  • Design with a fanless layout reduces operating background noise
  • Affordable
  • Provides quick and reliable data transfer


  • Plastic design isn’t sturdy
  • Speed decreases when connecting just one device

5- Zyxel 8-Ports GS108BV3 LAN switch

The Zyxel 8-Ports GSS108BV3 switches for LAN are renowned for their robust metal construction as well as their flexibility. The compact form is ideal for wall-mounted or desktop configurations. Once you’ve connected your cables, and then you’re ready.

A feature that I appreciated was the Four QoS ports which have a priority mechanism. These features improve traffic flow and also transfer data to the ports that require it most. The best part is that connectivity didn’t sluggish. To measure connectivity power and quality the ports have eight LEDs that indicate status at the end of each port.

Another thing I like about the unit was the LED indicator at the top of the device. These let me check the status of every port in a snap. This feature increases this switch’s efficiency. It blinks yellow for high-speed ethernet and orange to show fast Ethernet speed.


  • Compact size
  • It’s easy to setup
  • Four QoS ports to support medium and high-priority connections.
  • Sturdy design


  • Heavy
  • Might make a high-pitched sound

Buyer’s Guide: Best Ethernet Splitter

Types of Ethernet Port Splitters

Ethernet splitters for cables are inexpensive and easy to use. They’re referred to as passive equipment that doesn’t need an external source of power in order to function.

What makes them different is the kind of cable employed. The most effective cables are Cat (short for “category’) five cables or more recent. The most current standard of Ethernet cables is Cat8 which is compatible backward with all earlier types. It is also possible to use older cables for ethernet, however, this can reduce the speeds of connections.

Ethernet Splitters Should Meet Your Needs in Terms of Ports and Speed

The splitter for ethernet cables has three ports in total. Two ethernet ports link the router or switch to the splitter network. the one with the port connects to the wall Jack. The other room has another splitter that connects a wire to the wall Jack. On the opposite side, the two cables can be used to connect two gadgets.

Splitters function in pairs for the distribution process, it creates a further divide in the signal and slows down network speed. A way to ensure adequate speed is to make use of up-to-date Ethernet cables that are Cat5 and up.

Ethernet Switch vs. Splitter Vs. Hub?

There are additional instruments that are able to broaden the network and make it more accessible to multiple devices. Take a look at the best Ethernet splitter. switch and. Hub comparison.

Technical Specs You Should Look For

The two ports of the splitter connect to a shared network using the 100BASE-T standard for Ethernet cables, which was first released in the year 1995. The standard was followed shortly by the 100BASE TX.

Both are forms of standardization for the implementation of networks with Gigabit Ethernet which transfer information at speeds of 100Mbps. It is currently employed as the base for many businesses’ networks.

What is an Ethernet switch?

This is my short answer. The LAN, also known as an ethernet switch is a device with high speed that facilitates the flow of traffic between routers as well as other devices.

Switches have from 5 to 50 ports. Select the right switch based on the number of wired devices you wish to connect. Next, you must consider the kinds of cables that you can use. Cat5 cables from Cat5 to Cat7 can be used for 100 meters. If you want to get a more extensive run then you’ll have to install another router to go further.

There are two varieties of switches available that are managed as well as unmanaged. The managed switches are best designed for those who wish to modify the configurations and be in charge of their network.

Unmanaged switches are simple, easy to use. For operation, connect the cable and the switch takes control of the entire process. Its flexibility makes a switch the ideal choice for office buildings on campus, as well as in huge households.

It is important to talk about the 3rd type of gadget: Ethernet hubs. They can also transfer network information to a variety of different devices. However, they’re regarded as less efficient and more outdated as compared to switches. Ethernet hubs work best on a smaller network with small equipment.

Setting It Up: Plug-and-Play Rules

The majority of splitters are simple to install. There is no need for any external power source for operation, and there is no software installation is required. Just connect the cable to the slot you require And you’re done!

Hubs and switches, however, require a power adapter to provide them with the electricity they require for operation. They both operate through plug-and-play features, just similar to splitters.


What is an Ethernet splitter?

An Ethernet splitter is an item that allows you to connect a variety of devices using one Ethernet cable, for example, the internet or network cable. It divides the signal coming from the cable into different ports, which allows many devices to use the same network or internet connection.

What are the advantages of using an Ethernet splitter?

The primary benefit of using the Ethernet splitter is that it permits you to connect several devices with the same Ethernet cable. This can minimize cable clutter and make it easier to manage managing cables. This can be an affordable alternative when compared with purchasing several Ethernet cables or creating another network infrastructure.

Are all Ethernet splitters the same?

They are not, but there are various varieties and styles of Ethernet splitters. These include active or passive splitters as well as various ports. Also, they differ in speeds, connectivity, as well as compatibility with various devices.

Can I use an Ethernet splitter to extend my network?

Yes, An Ethernet splitter can be utilized to expand your network of yours by connecting multiple devices with the same cable. But, you must be aware that an Ethernet splitter could affect the speed and efficiency of your network in the event that more than one device is connected, or if the cable does not have the best quality.

Can an Ethernet splitter work with a wireless router?

Yes, it is true that an Ethernet splitter will work on a wireless router provided it is linked to one or more LAN ports available on the router. It’s crucial to remember that the performance and speed of the network could be affected by the number of devices linked and the efficiency that the device.

How do I choose the best Ethernet splitter for my needs?

If you are looking to purchase an Ethernet splitter, you should consider aspects including the number of ports you require as well as the performance and speed of the device, its compatibility of your device as well as the overall performance and longevity of the product. Also, it is helpful to look through reviews and compare various options prior to making an investment.

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