5 Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Support in 2023

best mouse pad with wrist support

Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

With the involvement of technology in every field of life, almost every job has shifted to computers. People have to spend long hours sitting at computer desks to finish the work, whether from home or in the office. 

But with the accuracy and efficiency of computer work come physical strain due to working hours. The most common issue computer users have complained about is wrist pain. It may not seem a big issue initially, but it becomes severe in the long run. 

Manufacturers take this issue into account and design mousepads with wrist support to alter wrist position and prevent pain. In this article, we have listed the best Mousepad with wrist Support available in the market. 

Our Top Picks

Below are the 5 Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Support in 2023.

  1. MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad: Overall Best
  2. Amazon Classic Gel Mousepad
  3. KENSINGTON Duo Gel Mousepad With Wrist Rest
  4. Gimers Large Mousepad With Wrist Rest
  5. DEMON CHEST Mousepad

Keep reading for a detailed review of the best mouse pad with wrist support.

1. MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad – Overall Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

MROCO Ergonomic mousepad is one of the top picks by users due to its incredible features and value for money. It is an affordable option on the market with all the advanced features you are looking for. 

It had gel-filled cushion wrist support to make the computing experience comfortable for long work hours. It is a one-time investment because it is highly durable. Its firm desk grip keeps it in place when you use it.


  • Gel-Filled Wrist Support
  • Affordable 
  • Smooth Fabric Surface
  • Strong Desk Grip
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • None.

2. Amazon Classic Gel Mousepad

Amazon Classical Gel Mousepad is one of the most popular mousepads with wrist support on the market. It features a pillow-like design with a gel-filled cushioned wrist support that prevents wrist pain and alters proper wrist position. 

Its large surface area makes it suitable for any wrist size. It has a non-slip rubberized backing that keeps the mousepad in place and prevents it from falling off the desk. Its silk surface makes gliding easy, and its breathable fabric cover reduces chafing.


  • Gel-Filled cushioned Wrist support 
  • Grips the desk perfectly to stay in place
  • Silk surface to assist smooth gliding
  • Breathable fabric cover 
  • Big enough to accommodate any size of wrist


  • It does not have edge protection

3. KENSINGTON Duo Gel Mousepad With Wrist Rest

Kensington has introduced this uniquely designed mousepad with extra features. It has an excellent ventilation system on the cushion. Its gel-filled cushion is very comfortable and helpful in eliminating wrist pain.   

It is made with a special fabric to make it easy to clean. It’s a durable option that improves wrist position for a long time.


  • Unique Design
  • Made with an Easy to Clean Fabric
  • Excellent ventilation system on the cushion
  • Gel-filled cushion Wrist support
  • Durable


  • Some users complained that the gel in the cushion is hard and it could be softer. 

4. Gimers Large Mousepad With Wrist Rest

Gimers have introduced this large mousepad for those looking for a bigger surface area for free movement. It is made with non-toxic rubber, making it suitable for everyone, including people with sensitive skin. 

It has memory foam wrist support that prevents wrist paint and alters proper wrist position. Its textured backing keeps the mousepad in pace when you use a mouse. It is made with Lycra fabric that ensures a smooth surface, making gliding easy and quick.


  • Large Space for free movement
  • Excellent grip to stay stable
  • Memory Foam padding 
  • Luxurious look due to Lyrca fabric
  • Smooth gliding experience


  • The base of this mousepad is thin.

5. DEMON CHEST Mousepad

Demon Chest Mousepad is known for its breathable fabric and smooth gliding. It has memory foam cushion wrist support to prevent muscular pain and allows you to work long hours. 

Its breathable fabric ensures that the mousepad doesn’t get smelly with constant usage. Its non-skid PU Base keeps the mousepad in its palace while you use it. This Mousepad makes your computing experience fresh and relaxing. 


  • Smooth and breathable jersey Fabric
  • Non-Skid PU Base keeps it in place
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not get smelly
  • Durable 


  • Wrist support could have been bigger

Review: Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

How to choose the best Mousepad with Wrist Support?

Everyone has different requirements for the best mousepad with wrist support. There are numerous manufacturers in the market with countless options. You need to check three basic things before purchasing a mousepad with wrist support.

Those three factors are:

Wrist support type

The first thing you indeed to check is its wrist support type. There are two types of wrist support cushions: Gel-filled and memory foam. Choose what fits best with your budget and requirements. 

Wrist Support Height

Make sure the height and size of the wrist support are suitable for usage. It shouldn’t be too high or too low because improper wrist support height leads to muscular pain and an uncomfortable computing experience. Select a mousepad that matches your worst size and has the appropriate height. 


Durability is a necessary factor to ensure before purchasing a mousepad. You do not want to return to purchase a new one after a short time; that’s why take durability into consideration for a one-time investment. Durability varies depending on what kind of material and fabric is used in making the mousepad. 


Make sure the backing of the mousepad is textured and non-slippery. Purchase a mousepad that provides excellent grip and stays in place.   


Is a mousepad with wrist support better?

They are very beneficial in supporting your wrist for long hours of work. Investing in a mousepad with wrist support has long-term benefits. It helps prevent wrist-joint pain and aches that arises after sitting at the computer desk all day. A mousepad with wrist support makes your computing experience comfortable.

Do mousepads with wrist support help carpal tunnel?

Mouse pads with wrist support alter wrist position but do not prevent carpel tunnel. Wrist-support mousepads may help reduce pain, but they are not the solution to reduce pressure. Carpel Tunnel syndrome is a medical condition in which the wrist tunnel becomes narrowed or when the issue surrounding the flexor tendon swells, causing pressure on the median nerve to block its blood supply. 

What type of mouse is better for my wrist?

You need to invest in a vertical and ergonomic mouse to avoid wrist pain. Having a supportive mouse and mousepad not only helps prevent wrist pain but also makes working easy and comfortable. 

Is a mousepad with gel-filled wrist support effective?

Mousepad with Gel-filled wrist support is better than a mousepad with memory foam. The cooling material in the gel-filled mousepads is useful and comfortable, especially in hot temperatures. 

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