The 7 Best SNES Emulators in 2023

best SNES emulators

Best SNES Emulators

Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) started the golden age of games and ruled the gaming world. If you want to revive the old Nintendo console and its video games, you can use a SNES emulator. 

SNES emulations seek to render the original code of the retro games as accurately as possible. These emulators allow you to run your operating system on a hardware platform for which your system was not originally engineered. SNES are legal to download and enjoy games for free. In this article, we have listed some of the best SNES emulators in 2023. 

Our Top Picks

Below are the 7 best SNES Emulators in 2023.

  1. Higan: Overall Best
  2. Snex9x
  3. Bizhwak
  4. RetroArch
  5. ClassicBoy
  6. ZSNES
  7. OpenEmu

Keep reading for a detailed review of the best SNES Emulators.

Review: Best SNES Emulators

1. Higan – Overall Best SNES Emulator

Higan is one of the most popular multi-system emulators that was once known as “BSNES” back in 2004.  The accuracy of Higan emulations makes them so popular that millions worldwide still use them. Its user interface is simple and effective. It takes no CPU power away from the emulation. 

It enables you to save states, load states, and change settings for audio, video, and performance. It’s a reliable and community-driven emulator that works best for SNES. 

It was originally developed by “byuu” but in 2020, it was declared open source and handed over to the community so they could develop it as they pleased. 

Higan is an exclusive SNES emulator for PC only, and it doesn’t seem to release on android and Mac. 

2. Snex9x

Snex9x is an incredible choice if you are not able to run Higan properly on your computer. It allows you to save, and Apart from the standard cheat dashboard, Snex9x offers a built-in hack panel for speed runs. This emulator allows you to save and load games in real time, add filters, and insert cheats for ammunition or lives, depending on the games.  

It offers the possibility to choose between playing with a keyboard or with a controller.  Snex9x allows you to play games online in multiplayer with the help of netplay. There are over 2 dozen image output processing options for enhanced graphics. The best thing about Snex9x is that it’s highly portable for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It also has a windows interface that makes using Snex9x user-friendly and easy.

3. Bizhwak

Bishwak is a multi-platform emulator for SNES consoles that can emulate several consoles. This emulator is a huge treat for speedrunners. It has tool-assisted speedrun software that allows gamers to finish the game swiftly. 

It includes a macro script that can automate specific tasks in an event, slow motion for making cinematic gameplay videos, or simply finish a complex level. 

4. RetroArch

RetroArch is basically the mother of all SNES emulators. There ain’t no system or game that this emulator hasn’t covered. RetroArch uses cores to emulate different Emulators, enabling it to cover every game and system. 

Using the RetroArch cores, you can easily swap between the NeoGeo pocket and the SNES without loading up a whole new Program. It can run smoothly on new and old devices. 

5. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy is one of the most powerful emulators on the android app store. It’s an all-in-one emulator that allows you to play retro games on the go. What makes this special is that not only do they allow you to play with the gamepad-style layout screen, but they can also be played with gestures. 

You can avail the opportunity to get its paid version which is known as “ClassicBoy Gold.” This paid version unlocks many new and amazing features, including autosaves, exclusive settings, and even wireless controllers. This is the best emulator for android that keeps updating with the new and ongoing trends of tech and games. 


This emulator is known for its simple user interface that is pixelated. It looks like a retro gaming piece of software. It works efficiently on newer PCs and unlocks incredible features like loading and saving games. It is one often highly trusted emulator that works best with classical titles.  

It is a highly portable emulator available for Windows, Linux, and even MacOS, like all programs we present on this list. Its only drawback is that its development stopped in 2007, which means there are little or no updates for this emulator. Some users also complained about glitches. But despite all these problems, it works best for PCs and offers good features.

7. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is one of the sleekest emulators on the planet. It will be a great pick if you love using OSX programs for their simple interfaces and collated features.

It stores your games in its organized library that lists every game and console alphabetically with cover pictures on the show. That makes it easy to find your desired game easily. Its simple controller mapping section makes the gaming experience so user-friendly and exciting. 


What is SNES Emulation?

SNES emulations seek to render the original code of the retro games as accurately as possible. These emulators allow you to run your operating system on a hardware platform for which your system was not originally engineered. 

Yes, they are 100% legal. It’s legal to download and install them. They are not different than other programs you might download on your computer, such as music players, downloading software, and word processing software. The only thing you need to take care of is to use your own game files via those emulators. 

Are games on emulators free?

You need to have the best SNES emulators to play games for free. Emulators allow you to play the games for free and give you the best experience. 

What is the primary benefit of emulators?

SNES emulators open an alternate part to run no longer supported consoles. It provides good alternatives to expensive pieces of software and hardware. Emulators enable you to play video games and run different operating systems.  

What is the best time to use an emulator?

When you want to test how your software interacts with underlying hardware or a combination of hardware and software. An emulator also helps to find out any problem with your application that may be caused by firmware. 

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