8 Best VR Headset For iPhone in 2023

best vr headset for iphone

Best VR Headset For iPhone

Are you in search for the best VR headset for iPhone in order to enjoy games and the immersive experience of 360 degrees? The demand for VR headsets is increasing every day as more and more and more people take an interest.

An individual Virtual Reality headset for iPhone allows you to explore the globe or experience space from your couch. To assist you I’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the top 10 VR headsets that you can use with the iPhone to have fun gaming or watching videos. So, without more delay, we’ll get going!

Our Top Picks

Below are the 8 best VR headsets for iPhone in 2023.

  1. Meta Oculus Quest 2
  2. Google Cardboard
  3. BNext VR Headset
  4. Atlasonix VR Headset
  5. Newnaivete VR Headset
  6. Tsanglight VR Headset
  7. Longlu 3D VR Headset
  8. Destek’s VR headset

Keep reading for a detailed review of the best VR headsets for iPhone.

Review: Best VR Headset For iPhone

1. Meta Oculus Quest 2 – Overall Best VR Headset For iPhone

Oculus Quest 2 has been the most powerful standalone VR headset that works with iPhone equipped with an integrated controller. You don’t have to connect cables or make use of devices to enjoy the stunning 360-degree video or gaming. It features 6GB RAM with a single LCD display that has an 1832 x Resolution of 1920 pixels and the ability to refresh up to 90 Hz.

Additionally, Meta Quest 2 boasts the robust Adreno 650 GPU, as determined through UploadVR which makes the output of the display 50% crisper and the 3D experience seamless. Furthermore, the headset has three cameras outside, which are used to track your location to ensure that you don’t get hit by walls or furniture. This does not require external sensors!

The built-in speakers and 3.5mm audio jack provide the clearest, 3D audio experience. It’s easy to wear for a long period of time due to its lightweight.

Its battery backup lasts around three hours, depending on the way you utilize it. It is required to have iOS 10 or higher to make use of Oculus Quest 2 on your iPhone. Because it’s a stand-alone model it is possible to connect both devices via Bluetooth as well as Oculus’s app. Oculus app.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Edgy display
  • Accurate motion tracking


  • None

2. Google Cardboard

I highly recommend Google Cardboard as the finest Virtual Reality headset for iPhone due to its ease of use and affordable price. While it’s not the most comfortable nor the most immersive it’s an excellent start to the world of virtual reality. It’s a partially coated body with custom-designed designs and rich views for long-lasting durability and lens.

The field of view is about 90deg, which isn’t as spectacular. But I believe it is adequate overall quality for this price. You can set up the Google Cardboard VR headset in just three steps. The headset features a resolution of 1440x 1280 per eye and a 60Hz refresh rate.

The absence of an adjustable head strap makes holding the device for prolonged time periods uncomfortable. You can make use of your iPhone with iOS 8 or later and with screen sizes of between 4 and 6 inches. There is also an app. But you can begin viewing YouTube movies using virtual Reality without doing so.


  • Easy to use
  • Build in app
  • Clever design


  • Lacks immersive and interactive experience
  • Uncomfortable

3. BNext VR headset

The BNext VR headset is compatible with the iPhone and is a great option for those who are on the go, even though it is less feature-rich than the top-end models. You don’t have to connect cables or adjust the settings of your app to enjoy immersive VR. Therefore, I can declare that it’s very easy to install. This VR headset has FD as well as OD support to provide a large field of view.

This way, you’ll have a precise focal distance and less distortion, ensuring the most immersive 360deg viewing experience. BNext developed the device to be long-lasting and comfortable to wear. It comes with an incredibly soft nose piece, an air-tight foam face, and an eyesight defense system. It also has an adjustable strap for the head to ease tension.

However, the heavy weight of the headset can cause damage to your nose!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Anti-blue light system
  • Larger lens


  • noninteractive design
  • May hurt your nose

4. Atlasonix VR headset

If you’re looking to purchase a VR headset for the iPhone that comes with a controller this Atlasonix VR headset is for those who want to buy. It features an AMOLED 4” display that has a 120Hz refresh rate, which will offer you a truly immersive VR experience. It is compatible with iPhones equipped with 4”-6.3 displays. It comes with 3D gaming support as well as HD optimization, you will be able to play games, watch movies, and even more!

Atlasonix VR headset has FD and OD adjustments that can increase the angle of view to 360 degrees. Apart from the fantastic experiences, the headset also provides the comfort of a fully adjustable strap for the head and an anti-blue light device, as well as a comfortable nosepiece. The headset comes with exclusive VR games and films with a library that includes more than 300 titles.


  • Good build quality
  • Eye protection system
  • Remote controller


  • Weight might hurt your nose
  • Interface needs improvement

5. Newnaivete VR headsets

Newnaivete VR headsets are one of the best feature-packed VR headsets that are compatible with Apple. It lets you watch films from a panoramic perspective with friends and family and play games with 360-degree views, and even answer the phone.

The best FD and OD adjustment and anti-distortion lenses allow you to experience the 3D HD experience and 100 degrees of field view. Even those who have nearsighted or farsighted issues can be amazed by the stunning images and intense feelings.

It is possible to play games with the ability to instantly play and play music and also adjust the volume using your Bluetooth remote control. I noticed that the headset is lighter than the other models available and also has an adjustable headband. With the removable comfortable foam face pad it is comfortable even while wearing the headset.


  • Good build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Full eye protection
  • Optimized ergonomics


  • Bad navigation

6. Tsanglight VR headset

If you are a fan of watching movies in theaters and would like to cut down on time and expense This VR headset that works with iPhone made by Tsanglight is the most effective. Its design is distinctive. It’s an over-the-ear 360-degree foldable headset. It has an integrated Bluetooth remote controller on the front of the VR Glasses.

The headset has a wide sound effect and viewing angle with a field of view that is 110° and an image resolution of 1832 x 1920. The headset also features an adjustable lens.

The result is that your iPhone could be transformed into your personal 3D IMAX movie theater or screen for games. You can download VR-enabled 3D games and movies through the Apple App Store and immerse yourself in virtual reality.


  • High-grade optical lens
  • Sharp image quality
  • HIFI 360° stereo audio


  • Not good for big-screen iPhones

7. Longlu 3D VR headset

Longlu 3D VR headset comes with two-protocol BT 4.1 BLE compatibility for energy reduction. The VR glasses have a 55mm wide lens, a 6.5” display with 1832 x 1920 resolution, and a 110deg field view. The wireless headset allows for rapid pairing and audio vibration analysis. It also has a dedicated mode for movies, as well as various voice modes. You can also answer or end your calls. phone calls.

You can modify the sound effects in 3D through an independent audio hard drive. Your face will look perfect thanks to the comfortable design and excellent ventilation. It is also possible to use this VR headset with glasses. For those who have Myopia that is up to 400 deg could wear it without glasses.


  • Wireless Bluetooth support
  • High-speed audio streaming
  • Foldable design


  • Not user friendly

8. Destek’s VR headset

The Destek VR headset is compatible with iPhone and comes with a single-handed Bluetooth controller that is similar to a Joy-Con and buttons. It offers a 103-degree field of vision, and it also increases pupils. Furthermore, after you’ve used the headset for a prolonged duration, you are able to remove the spongy Facebook and clean it.

The lenses of aspheric lenses are equipped with anti-blue light, and anti-reflective coatings to reduce distortion. A pupil distance control allows you to alter the size of the headset to match your eyes. It can be worn with any pair of glasses.

Its Destek VR headset comes with an adjustable headband and a polycarbonate case to protect your iPhone. On the sides of the case, you will find slots for headphones as well as a heat release. The face pad fitting is not ideal, and as a result, there is a risk of light that leaks into the eyes.


  • Esports gaming display
  • Experience AR
  • Good eye adjustment
  • Elastic head strap


  • Light leaks into eyes


Q1. Can you stream Netflix using VR headsets with your iPhone?

Yes, you can stream Netflix in 3D with Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Q2. What is the most effective VR application for iPhone?

The top five VR apps available for iPhone include YouTube, Google Cardboard, VRSE, NYT VR, and Tribulus

Q3. How do I set my iPhone into VR mode?

To experience the VR experience on your iPhone you must open Settings and then Safari and switch to Motion and Access to Orientation.


Here is my pick of the best VR headset for iPhone with a variety of budgets and choices. Pick the one that fits your needs the most. Do you have a view of Apple’s reported VR glasses? If they were to launch in the near future, would you purchase them? Answer the questions in the comment section below.

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