How to add distance widget on ios 16 [ Detailed Guide ]

how to add distance widget on ios 16

How to add distance widget on ios 16

Apple’s latest operating system has amazed everyone due to its new customization tools. These customization tools enable users to edit their Lockscreen, change the font and color of the time and date and set a series of photos to shuffle automatically. Everyone has been obsessed with the new features.

Widgets are the icons on your iPhone that shows information from apps and makes it easier to see things like weather, calendar events, and news headlines. The new distance widget has gone viral, and people are loving it. Read this article to learn how to add distance widget on ios 16.

What is the Distance widget?

The distance widget shows you the time and distance between you and your friend, family member, or significant other. It can be connected to any other iPhone user. It enables you to monitor your children to ensure their safety, track your friends and find them, and locate your parents. 

If you and the other connected person are together, the widget will say, “we are together”. That sounds so cute. It’s an amazing way to know where your beloved ones are and how much time they need to reach you. 

How to use the distance widget on ios 16

This distance widget is available in the widgetable applications on the app store. Before you begin the process, make sure your friend or another person you want to connect with has the distance widget application installed too. 

Follow these steps to get the distance widget:

  • Download a free app called widgetable which has a Green Logo.
  • After successful installation, Open the app and click on the lock screen menu.
  • Find a purple widget called Distance and click on it. 
  • Press the friend’s button that is present on the right.
  • The app will send you a widgetable code.
  • Send that widgetable to your friend whom you are trying to connect with. 
  • Ask your friend to do the same and send their widgetable code to you. 
  • This will enable you to add each other to the friend list.
  • Now go back to the distance widget and press select. 
  • Select that friend you have just added to know your distance from them. 
  • Save the widget. Now you can know how far your friends are, how long it would take to reach them, and how much they miss you. 

If you want to add a distance widget to your lock screen, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, go to setting>wallpaper> customize.
  • Press widgets and then find widgetable in the add widget section. 
  • You can choose between circular or rectangular widget.
  • Press the empty widget and select the friend’s distance widget.
  • Now add it to your lock screen. 


What is the side effect of a distance widget?

There is no denying that it’s a great app to know the distance between your close ones, but on the downside, you are sharing your location constantly with a company which might not be a good idea. You can delete this app if you are a private person and unwilling to reveal your location. 

Is widgetable app safe to use?

Apple has a different privacy policy regarding its app. According to the apple store, the widgetable app only collects your widget data and is safe to use. But we recommend you read their privacy policy before installing their app. 

How can I customize apple widgets?

Touch and hold a widget icon to open the quick actions menu. Tap the edit widget to customize it according to your will. Make your changes and then tap outside of the widget to exit it. 

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