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how to blur video on iPhone
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    How To Blur Video On iPhone

    Using a blurring effect on a video is harder than blurring a picture because you have to blur every single keyframe in the video. Blurring a video on iPhone is difficult because it requires a lot of time and effort. 

    We recommend using a third-party video blurring app to make editing easy and time-saving. The following article has discussed in detail how to blur video on iPhone using a blurring app. Read this article to learn more about this topic.

    Blurr Video Background App

    Blur video Background App is an amazing choice for editing videos on iPhone. This app allows you to easily blur faces, places, signs, or any other video parts. If you are making videos in public where you don’t have the consent of people to show them on your video, you can blur their faces easily in this app. 

    There are two choices on how you want to use this service, and you can choose between basic Blur and pixelate blurring effects. This app allows you to apply a blurring effect on rectangular and circular shapes. 

    How to apply blurring effect on videos

    Blur Video Background app is easy to use and learn. Following are the steps to use this app to burr faces and places in a video on your iPhone. 

    • Open Blur Video Background App.
    • Select the video you want to edit, or you can also select to shoot a new video. 
    • Choose the blur or pixelate option from the top.
    • Choose the blurring shape between rectangular or circular.
    • Apply the blurring effects frame by frame via keyframe.
    • After editing, tap on the export option at the top right.
    • Select video resolution and wait for the video to compile the changes. 
    • Now save the video on your iPhone. You can share it on your social media accounts and with your friends. 


    Blur Video Background app is the best choice for adding blurring effects to your videos on iPhone. It makes the process easy and time-saving. 


    How to add blur to your videos on your iPhone?

    Select the video and then tap on the adjust tab. Select background from it and then tap on the blur option. You can add a blurring effect this way and also by installing a third-party blurring app. 

    Why do I need to add a blurring effect in my videos?

    Sometimes you record a video publicly, but some people might not be comfortable sharing their faces on social media. You can blur out their faces to protect their privacy. The blurring effect also enhances the quality of the video by increasing the focus on the main object or person in the video.

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