How To Change Step Goal On Apple Watch

how to change step goal on apple watch

How To Change Step Goal On Apple Watch

Apple Watch’s main selling point is its effectiveness in assisting in fitness and activity Tracking. It’s one of the most used accessories for hikers, swimmers, joggers, and other athletes. Apple Watch records your heart rate and other points related to your health. When you first set up your Apple Watch, it’ll ask for basic personal information and allows you to set your ‘Activity Goals‘.

You can set different goals, such as your calorie-burning goal, daily running goal, and workout time limit. The Watch will track these goals daily and notify you when you achieve that milestone. You might want to change your goals once you have achieved the previous one. In this article, we have covered a quick guide on how to change step Goal on Apple Watch.

Here is how to do it:

  • Open the ‘Activity App” on your Apple Watch. 
  • Swipe up on the first page, Then tap ‘Change Goals.’
  • Tap the ‘+‘ or ‘-‘ icon to increase and decrease your goal. Change the number of minutes and confirm them. 
  • Tap ‘Ok‘ to set the new goals. 


Does Apple Watch Count Steps?

The Health App gathers health Data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and apps you already use. Once you set goals on the Apple Watch, health features automatically count your steps. 

What is the Stand Goal of the Apple Watch?

The Stand ring shows hours in which you have stood and moved for at least a minute. You can complete your daily Stand goal by standing up and moving around for at least 1 minute during different hours of the day. 

How does Apple Watch Track steps?

Your Apple Watch and iPhone use an accelerometer that measures your total body movement to track your activity.

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