How To Clean Your iPhone Microphone | Complete Guide

how to clean your iPhone microphone

How To Clean Your iPhone Microphone

IPhone is known for being the most popular smartphone brand and for introducing impressive and unique features. But, an iPhone without its microphone and speaker just does not sit right, and it will be a hassle. Your iPhone’s microphone may not be working because of stuck dirt, dust, and wax.

All these factors pile up and clog the microphone over time, reducing the sound quality, whether it’s going in or out. This article is a complete guide on how to clean your iPhone microphone and fix it at home.

Steps: How To Clean Your iPhone Microphone

If your iPhone’s microphone is not working, try these cleaning tips before going to the repair shop. Cleaning your microphone is most likely to solve the issue. 

1- Use an earbud or swab.

Since earbuds have broad tips, you have to craft them into a precision tip so it can penetrate the mic spots. It will require some rolling to get in the shape to penetrate. 

Point it at the microphone opening and apply slight pressure. Roll the earbud over and then check the tip to see if there is any dirt on it. You have to repeat the process till there is no dirt or wax on the tip.

2- Use a soft bristle toothbrush.

Use a clean, soft bristle brush to clean your microphone thoroughly. But be very gentle and do not push the bristle into the microphone too far. Gently brush the microphone hole to sweep away any blockages.

3- Use a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber is a soft type of cloth that doesn’t scratch your phone. Take a small piece of microfiber and fold the fleece to make a tiny edge. Roll the edge over the microphone to remove the dirt. If the cloth edge becomes dirty, make another edge and repeat the process till the cloth comes out clean.  

4- Use an air Dustor/Compressed air.

You can use an air duster to blast off the debris from your microphone. Point the opening of an air duster towards the microphone opening. Apply a few shots of compressed gas to bow off trapped dust from within the microphone. 

5- Use a putty cleaner.

Use an electronic putty cleaner to clean your microphone. Putty cleaners are silicone-like materials that stick to the nooks and crannies of a device to absorb stuck and hidden dirt. You can purchase this putty cleaner online or from stores. 

Putty is knowns for cleaning the unreachable corners of your phone. Take a palm full of putty and gently press it on the microphone hole. Quickly remove it and repeat it until the putty comes out clean. Be quick to remove the putty from the microphone because if you let it sit for more than a few seconds, it may ooze and ruin the device.

6- Test iPhone Mic.

After cleaning your microphone, test it by recording a voice note. Listen to your voice note and notice if there s any difference in quality. You can also call your friend or any family member to ask if they can hear your voice properly.

7- get the microphone cleaned from Apple.

If the microphone is not working, Even after cleaning it, take your phone to the nearest apple store in your region. You can trust those repair agents since they are apple certified. You can reach out to them or Apple support as your last resort.


Why my iPhone microphone is not working?

There are many reasons why your microphone is not working. It may be due to some technical default. Other factors, such as pilled-up wax, dust, and dirt, cause the clogging of the microphone and prevent it from working properly. 

Why do I sound underwater when I talk on my iPhone?

It may be because your microphone and speakers are dirty and blocked due to dirt. You must clean your microphone and speakers before calling someone again. 

Is it ok to use a toothpick while cleaning the microphone of the iPhone?

Toothpick had a sharp tip and which may damage the microphone. You can use it to pluck out the stuck dirt or junk but don’t press it too hard on the microphone because it will damage it. Work slowly, so the toothpick doesn’t break. 

How can I make my cleaning putty to clean my phone’s microphone?

You can make cleaning putty with three simple ingredients: School glue, borax, and warm water. 

  • Mix glue and water in one bowl.
  • Mix borax and water in another bowl.
  • Mix both of them and stir them together until firm. 
  • Take a palmful of the mix and make it into a ball. Don’t use the putty on the microphone if the ball doesn’t form. Add more borax until the putty is firm and ready to use. 

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