How To Connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers To One iPhone

how to connect 2 bluetooth speakers to one iphone

How To Connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers To One iPhone 

The advancement of technology makes it possible to connect two Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone simultaneously. Read this article to learn how to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone via different methods. 

Here is how you can share music with multiple devices via Bluetooth. 

1- AmpMe Unlimited

AmpMe is an iOS App for sharing music. You can download it from the apple store on your iPhone. Here is how you can use it to connect two speakers simultaneously:

Open the app and tap on The + sign at the bottom.    

Click on the service you want to use. 

Log in and choose a playlist for your account. 

Click on the ‘Invite‘ option to add other devices, including another Bluetooth speaker. 

2- Bose Connect 2 Speakers

This method will only work if you are using bose connect Brand. You can use bose connect to connect two speakers to one iPhone in two ways. 

Party Mode 

  • Long Press the volume + and Bluetooth keys on the speaker connected to your iPhone. Release the buttons once the message sounds.
  • Long Press the volume down and Bluetooth keys on the other speaker. Release the keys once the speaker beeps. 
  • Now you have connected two speakers to your iPhone in party mode. 

Stereo Mode

  • On one speaker, press the volume + and Bluetooth keys until a stereo mode sound can be heard.
  •  Once the two speakers produce a left and right sound, the stereo mode is activated.
  • You can turn this mode off by pressing the power button.  

3- Ultimate Ears 

Here is how to use Ultimate Ears to connect two Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone. 

  • Press the Ultimate ears boom Bluetooth button until an acoustic signal is produced. 
  • From your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, select the options for UE Boom. Now one speaker will be connected to your iPhone.  
  • Now, for another speaker, connect either of the two boxes to your playback devices. 
  • Press The Bluetooth and volume up buttons.
  • Press the Bluetooth button twice for the box to connect.
  • The second speaker is now connected to your iPhone. 

4- Apple’s HomePod Stereo Pair

Apple uses the HomePod stereo pair to share music with multiple speakers. Here s how to do this:

  • Check your Home app to confirm that the HomePods to be connected are in the same room.
  • Click Home App and then double click “HomePod” and click “settings.” 
  • Tap on the options to “create stereo pair“.
  • Double Click the HomePod to be added. 
  • Now you can connect multiple speakers to your iPhone via Bluetooth. 

5- Bluetooth 5.0

Using the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can easily use the transmitter to connect it to other devices and speakers and then share music. iPhone 8Plus, 8, X, and iPhone 12 Are compatible with this technology.

6- JBL Connect 

Using JBL connect, you can connect as many as 100 speakers. Here is how you can use it to connect two speakers to an iPhone:

  • Place the devices you want to pair next to each other
  • Turn on the column
  • On the speaker, turn On the wireless module.
  • Activate the Bluetooth module on the phone to search for new devices. 
  • Select the column and activate pairing. You can share music after it’s connected successfully. 

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