How To Connect Canon Camera To Macbook – Step By Step Guide

how to connect canon camera to macbook

How To Connect Canon Camera To Macbook

Canon is one of the world’s most popular and well-established camera manufacturers. They are used in professional photography and videography due to high-quality image quality and picture detailing. If you have a MacBook, you might want to transfer data from the canon camera to it. 

Canon camera has convenient ways to connect to other devices for transferring files. It is hard to handle Canon devices for beginners and know its connectivity features. In this article, we have discussed how to connect canon camera to MacBook in detail. 

Use a USB Cable

The most straightforward way to connect canon to Macbook is to use a USB cable connection. A USB cable will be included in the camera package if you have bought a new one. You can simply connect your canon camera to your Macbook via that cable. If your package doesn’t have the cable, you can purchase it from any local computer store.

Here is how you can connect a canon camera to MacBook via a USB cable:

  • Connect the appropriate and compatible USB cable to your camera port
  • Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB port on the side of your MacBook
  • Turn on the cannon camera and wait for the instructions to appear on your mac screen. 
  • Follow those instructions to transfer photos or videos into any photo application installed on your MacBook. 

Connect it Wirelessly

The new canon camera has a Wi-Fi feature that enables you to connect your camera to your MacBook directly. This feature might not be available in the older models, but almost all newer models support Wi-Fi features. It’s a fast and efficient way to connect a canon camera to MacBook without a USB cable or SD card reader.

To utilize the Wi-Fi connectivity feature, install the CANON EOS UTILITY app on your MacBook. This application will help connect the camera to a MacBook and allow you to control several features on your canon device. Follow the bellow mentioned steps to connect Canon to Macbook. 

  • Make sure that your Macbook has a stable Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Open the CANON EOS UTILITY application related to your camera model on your MacBook. 
  • Turn on your camera and find Wi-Fi settings in the camera settings.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi option. 
  • Press the menu button and select the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection option.  
  • Find and Select the “Remote Control (EOS Utility)” option inside the Wi-Fi function menu. 
  • Select “Add a device to connect to” from the menu opened.
  • Your camera will give you the SSID and password for connectivity.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon on your Mac and choose the camera SSID from the connection list. 
  • Insert the password and click on the join button to establish the connection between your canon camera and Macbook. 
  • Select “OK” when your camera asks for your confirmation for paring. 
  • Select the “Paring Ober Wi-Fi/LAN “option from the EOS utility launcher, which appears once you pair the device. 
  • Now you can download photos and videos from your canon camera to your Macbook. You can also control remote shooting and camera setting tools. 


Why is my Mac unable to find my canon camera?

There could be many hardware and software issues due to which your MacBook isn’t detecting your camera. One of the most common issues is outdated and corrupted USB drivers, defective USB cables, and card readers.

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