How To Delete Screenshots On Mac – Step By Step Guide

how to delete screenshots on mac

How To Delete Screenshots On Mac

Screenshots can be a helpful application for Mac for taking pictures that show your desktop. Over time the Mac may accumulate an enormous quantity of images, taking the space of your storage. If you’re trying to figure out how to delete screenshots on Mac then you’re in the right spot. This guide will walk you through a step-by-step procedure on how to delete screenshots on Mac with a variety of methods and tricks to effectively manage the library of screenshots.

  1. Using Fingers: Use Finder as one easy method to remove screenshots on the Mac is to use the Finder. Just open a Finder application and browse to the directory in which your images are saved typically within the “Pictures‘ ‘ folder. You should look for a folder called “Screenshots‘ ‘ or “Desktop,” that is the standard storage location for screenshots. Pick the screenshots that you would like to erase and then press the “Delete” key on your keyboard. You can also right-click to select “Move to Trash” from the contextual menu.
  2. The Trash: Another option to erase pictures is using the trash. Once you have selected the images you would like to remove from Finder You can move them by dropping them on the Trash icon on the Dock. You can also select the screenshots you want to delete and select “Move to Trash” from the contextual menu. For the permanent removal of screenshots on your Mac then you must clear the Trash using the right-click at the Trash icon, and then selecting “Empty Trash.”
  3. Utilizing “All My Files” feature: Mac has a built-in feature known as “All My Files” that lets you view and manage your entire collection of images, as well as your files all in one location. To use this feature, open the Finder menu and select “All My Files.” Then, you’ll be able sort your files according to category and choose the pictures that you wish to erase. Click on the “Delete” key or right-click and select “Move to Trash” to erase the chosen screenshots.
  4. Third-party cleaners: There are a variety of third-party cleaning tools for Mac which can assist you to effectively manage and remove images. The tools typically come with extra options, like automatic detection of screenshots and the ability to delete bulk files, which could save you time and energy. A few of the most well-known cleaning tools for Mac are CleanMyMac, CCleaner, and DaisyDisk.
  5. Tips to manage screenshots: For keeping your Mac clean and free of the accumulation of screenshots, here are additional guidelines:
  • Review and remove any unwanted screenshots, to free up storage space.
  • Make use of using the “Options” menu when taking pictures to pick a certain destination for them to be saved, or even to save them onto Clipboard Clipboard instead of saving them to a document.
  • Create descriptive names for your screenshots so that you can quickly identify them and organize the files later.
  • You might want to consider cloud storage like iCloud as well as Google Photos, to store and organize your photos which will free up space in your Mac.


How can I delete screenshots on my Mac?

There are many ways to erase screenshots from your Mac. The easiest method is to make use of Finder to browse into the folder in which the images are kept and then delete the images manually. You can drag them onto the trash icon on the Dock. Alternatively, you could make use of the “All My Files” feature inside Finder to search for and delete the screenshots. Third-party cleaners are also tools to assist you in managing and deleting screenshots effectively.

Where are screenshots saved on a Mac?

The default is that snapshots are saved to the Desktop of the Mac. You can, however, pick a different spot to save your screenshots with the “Options” menu when taking the screenshot. Screenshots generally are saved within a subfolder titled “Screenshots” or “Desktop” in the “Pictures” folder.

How do I delete multiple screenshots at once on my Mac? 

For the purpose of deleting multiple images at once in your Mac You can make use of Finder or an alternative third-party cleaner tool. Within Finder you are able to choose multiple images by holding the Command key as you click on them. After that, hit the “Delete” key or right-click and select “Move to Trash” from the contextual menu. Certain third-party cleaners have bulk deletion options permitting you to pick and remove multiple images in one step.

Can I recover deleted screenshots on my Mac?

If you’ve deleted the screenshots you have taken and then emptied them into the Trash the files are forever taken off the Mac and can’t be saved. But, if you’ve made an archive on your Mac or you have turned on Time Machine, you may be able restore deleted images from backup. It’s essential to backup regularly to your Mac in order to protect your data from loss.

Are there any precautions I should take before deleting screenshots on my Mac? 

It’s best to go through your photos and ensure that you do not accidentally erase any crucial screenshots. Before you erase screenshots, ensure whether you’ve chosen the right files, and confirm you’ve got a backup or copy of the pictures you would like to keep. Also, take care with third-party tools for cleaning ensure that you select a reliable and dependable software to prevent accidentally deleting important data.

Can I use cloud storage to manage my screenshots on Mac?

You can utilize cloud storage solutions including iCloud as well as Google Photos, to manage your photos in Mac. Upload your images to the cloud, and then access them on any device connected to an internet connection, freeing the local storage space in your Mac. Furthermore, certain cloud storage providers offer automated sync and backup features which allow you to control and organize your photos across different devices.

Is it necessary to regularly delete screenshots on my Mac?

It’s an excellent routine to periodically review and eliminate unnecessary images on your Mac to clear storage space, and to keep your system well-organized. Screenshots may become a burden over time, and can take the space of your storage, particularly if you are taking many screenshots regularly. By eliminating unnecessary screenshots, you will be able to reduce chaos and improve the storage capacity on your Mac to maximize performance.


Controlling and deleting screenshots from the Mac is an easy method that could help rid your system of clutter and clear up space on your storage. If you’re using Finder, Trash, “All My Files” feature as well as third-party cleaners you should regularly examine and remove unwanted screenshots so that you can ensure that your Mac is clean and efficient. Following these steps and suggestions in this article will allow you to delete screenshots on Mac and ensure that your computer stays neat and clean.

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