How To Dial an Extension on iPhone

how to dial an extension on iPhone

How To Dial an Extension on iPhone

We don’t dial extension numbers daily except for customer care, family members’ offices, and occasionally business calls. If you have a job or need to dial the extension numbers on your iPhone frequently, then a phone app will assist you. 

Read this article to learn more about how to dial an extension on iPhone and how to add an extension number to your iPhone contacts. 

Follow these bellow mentioned steps to dial an extension on iPhone:

  • Open The phone app and make sure you are on the keypad screen. 
  • Pres the original extension number you want to dial. 
  • Long press the asterisk key(*) until a comma(,) appears next to the phone number. The comma acts as a pause between the number to let your phone know that you are about to type the extension number next. 
  • Now, press the extension number after that comma. 
  • You can repeat this step to add multiple commas if you want the pause to be longer than 2 seconds. 
  • You can long-press the pound sign(#) until a semicolon(;) appears to Add “wait to dial.”
  • Finally, tap on the green call button to make the call successfully. 

How to save an extension to your iPhone contacts

Once you have dialed the number, you can save it to your iPhone contact list, so you don’t have to retype it every time you need to contact that number. Follow the steps mentioned below to save that extension to your contacts. 

Open the contacts app.

  • Tap on the plus icon to create a new contact.
  • Tap on the contact you want to add an extension for.
  • Tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner. 
  • Tap the number you are adding an extension to, or tap the plus icon next to add a phone so that you can add a new phone number for the contact.
  • Tap the symbol button on your keyboard.
  • Tap cause to insert a comma while the cursor should be at the end of the phone number.
  • Now enter the extension number.
  • Tap “done” to save.

Now you can dial an extension before you even get to the operator. 


Can I call directly on the extension on my iPhone?

Yes, you can call on any extension using your iPhone.

How does the extension work on iPhone?

You can dial the extension on your iPhone as well. You just need to hold the asterisk to add a comma, and then you can add an extension number.

How should I manage extensions on my iPhone?

If you frequently dial extensions, then you can save them to your iPhone contact list. Read the above article to know the procedure step by step.

How do you write an extension number on an iPhone?

You can long-press the asterisk key to add a comma after the number to let your phone know that you are about to enter an extension number. Once the comma appears, you can add the extension number before tapping the green call icon to make a call. 

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