How To Disable Android Auto [ Complete Guide ]

how to disable android auto

How To Disable Android Auto

Android Auto is a customized Android OS version specially designed for cars. It connects your phone to an android auto in the car and enables access to all supported Apps, such as music, messages, maps, and navigation. 

Android autostarts when the phone s plugged in or charged using a USB cable in your car. Many users are facing the issue of android auto autostarting. If you are also annoyed by this feature and want to turn it off, this article is for you. 

Follow the below steps on how to disable android auto app in the car.

  • Tap on settings on your car’s screen.
  • Tap on the connection option. 
  • You see Android auto on the list, Tap on disable option next to it. 

Now you have finally got rid of the android auto feature. Disabling the android auto app from your smartphone is easier if you use Android 9 or earlier versions. But removing the app from android 10 or later devices is different. You need to delete the app or force-stop it in that case. 

Delete Android Auto on android 9 and early models. 

  • Open your phone settings and go to apps and notifications. 
  • Find the android auto App from the installed app list.
  • Tap on the android auto app to open its specifications and settings. 
  • Tap on Uninstall button to remove android auto from your smartphone. 

Delete android auto from Android 10 or later versions. 

Android 10 and later versions have reinstalled android apps that you can’t delete from your phone. Your only option is to force-stop it or disable its function. Here is how you can do that:

  • Open your phone settings
  • Tap on apps and scroll down till you find android auto. 
  • There would be only disabled and force-stop options. 
  • Tap on disable to uninstall all the latest updates.
  • Then tap on force stop the Android Auto App to turn it off completely. 

Now it will turn off automatically when you enter your car next time. It may not be a better option to disable pre-installed apps on android because it might affect other apps. That’s why go for the Force Stop option because it will solve your issue without affecting other functions. 


Where is android auto on my phone?

Every android device has android Auto pre-installed. Once you open the setting of your phone, you can find Android Auto in the apps. Tap on it to manage its settings.  

Does Andriod Auto need to be plugged in?

No, Android Auto works wirelessly. You don’t need a cable to connect it to your car. If you have turned it on already and completed the configuration, it will automatically detect the android auto when you enter the car. 

How do I stop android Auto from automatically starting? You just have to disable the wireless connection of Android Auto. You can also force-stop or disable it from your phone. This will stop the app from starting automatically.  

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