How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port

how to get water out of charging port

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port

Your smartphone’s water-resistant rating doesn’t matter because its internal components are water-sensitive. If you have accidentally dropped your phone in water or water gets splashed over it, its charging port might be the first victim. The new versions of iPhone and many android phones give a warning notification if water has entered the phone. The charging port is sensitive to water and can get damaged if the phone is too wet. 

You have dry it out as quickie as possible. Read this article to learn how to get water out of charging port

Leave it Alone

The best and most straightforward way is to leave the phone alone in a well-ventilated area and let it dry on its own. Don’t put the phone in a humid room but in a room where the air is active. Keep the charging port uncovered so it can get dry. If possible, leave the charging port pointing down so that gravity can also help draw the water out of the port. Wait for it and keep checking the charging functions in intervals. 

Tap it Against Your Palm. 

Use this method only if your phone is small enough to hold properly in your hand. Hold your phone tighter in your hand with the charging port pointing down. Gently tap the phone against your palm to remove excess water from the port. 

Take it to the Repair Shop.

Take your Phone to the repair center as your last resort. The experts at a repair shop know how to get the water out of the charging port effectively without damaging the phone. 


What should I Avoid while getting water out of a charging port?

Don’t insert foreign objects like a cotton swab or paper towel into the charging port; this would push moisture more into the device. It may end up scratching or misplacing internal components.  

Can I Put My Phone in a Bag of Rice to get water out of the charging port?

This hack is one of the most popular but extremely wrong. No matter how often you read this hack on websites, don’t try this trick. Avoid doing this hack because the small bits of rice can get stuck in the charging port and cause damage.

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