How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera – Step By Step Guide

how to get water out of iphone camera

How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera

Your camera lens is the primary victim if your iPhone gets submerged in the water. Once water gets to the camera, taking pictures or making it function is impossible. iPhone versions before iPhone 7 are not water resistant, and the later ones are not entirely waterproof.  

So if you dropped your phone in the water, the camera must have water. We have covered different methods how to get water out of iPhone Camera

1- Remove its Battery

The first thing you have to do is to remove its battery and cut its power if you have dropped your iPhone in the water. We do not recommend dismantling your phone if you don’t know about it.

Take it to the repair shop instantly to disassemble it. After dismantling your iPhone, place it on a dry surface with its camera lens facing upwards. Leave it for an hour and then put the battery in the phone and check if it fixes the issue. 

2- Submerge in a bag of rice.

This hack is one of the most popular and most used hacks for getting water out of the camera lens. Submerging your iPhone in the rice bag would help extract water from your phone. 

Rice absorbs water from your phone and protects it from getting further damaged. You need to submerge your phone in a bag or bowl of rice and leave it for 48 hours before turning it On and checking its functionality. 

3- Try Silica Gel

Silica gel is also very effective in removing water from the camera lens. You can purchase a silica gel pack from amazon or nearby stores. Silica gel comes in little granules that you can place near the camera lens to let it absorb moisture faster. You can also submerge your phone in a bag of silica gel granules. Leave the phone for 48 hours and then turn it on to check whether it worked. 

4- Take it to the Apple Repair Shop.

Take your iPhone to the Apple repair center or repair shop as your last resort. The experts at a repair shop know how to get the water out effectively without damaging the phone. 


What should I avoid if my iPhone fell into the water?

Don’t try to switch it on instantly after dropping it in water to check if it’s working or not. Avoid using a hair dryer or other heat treatment to dry out your phone because these actions could damage the internal structure of your iPhone. 

How long should I wait after trying the methods mentioned above?

You have to wait for a couple of days if you are tried any of the above hacks. If you want to solve the issue faster, consider taking your phone to a repair shop. 

Why is my camera foggy without even falling in the water?

Except for falling in water, there could be many other reasons your camera is foggy. The high humidity level and low maintenance of the camera lens cause it to become foggy. Clean the camera lens with a microfiber cloth to prevent a foggy and dirty camera. 

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