How To Mute All Notes On Instagram – Step By Step Guide

how to mute all notes on instagram

How To Mute All Notes On Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social networking app around the world. Instagram notes are the new feature that is basically a brief text and emojis that appear on the top of your inbox. These Instagram notes give users a personal space to share updates as short text posts with certain people who can see that note and reply to them using the Direct messaging feature on Instagram. 

Not every feature is for everyone. If you don’t find it helpful or get annoyed by it, you can get rid of it. In this article, we’ll discuss how to mute all notes on Instagram or turn them off. 

How To Mute Notes from the In-App options

If there is a specific account you are annoyed by and want to mute its Instagram notes, follow these steps to mute the notes via in-app options. 

  • Open Instagram App.
  • Open the DM section of your profile. You will see accounts with the notes on top. 
  • Long Press on the note from the account you want to mute. A menu tab will appear. 
  • Select the “ Mute Notes” option.
  • A confirmation box will appear. Tap on “Mute Notes” again to confirm your action. 

Mute Notes Directly from Profile

Another method is to mute the notes directly by going to the profile of that person. Here is how to do it:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to that person’s profile.
  • Tap on the Following box located next to the Message option. 
  • A new tab containing multiple options will be open. 
  • Tap on the “Mute” option. Instagram will give you the option of which feature to mute. 
  • Tap on the grey switch present next to the “Notes”. Option to mute it. 

Now all notes from that person will be muted. You can unmute that person’s notes anytime by doing the same steps. 


Can I completely turn off the Notes feature on Instagram?

No, it is not possible to turn off the Notes feature as Instagram does not provide a dedicated toggle to turn off the notes feature. However, you can mute Notes to get rid of them. You can also use Instagram Lite to get rid of the notes feature. 

How to hide my Instagram notes?

Instagram will be shown only to those you have selected. You can hide your notes by muting the accounts you don’t want to share your notes with. 

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