How To Rotate Screen on Mac – Complete Guide

how to rotate screen on mac

How To Rotate Screen on Mac

You might consider rotating the screen for certain apps, games, and functions. Using a MacBook in portrait orientation can be very useful for writing code and creating digital art.

Generally, Rotating a display works better for external monitors than a built-in laptop display. But you can rotate your MacBook’s screen with some additional steps. You have to access the software settings and inform macOS to output the graphics in the required angles, such as 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise and 180 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise. To do so, read the following article and walk through the process step by step on how to rotate screen on Mac

  • Click on the apple logo on the screen and select system preference.
  • Select Displays from the preference menu.
  • Find the “Rotation” option under the display section. 
  • That option must default to standards. Change this to 90 to rotate your screen clockwise one quarter-turn. 
  •  Now your mac screen will be rotated.


What if the rotation setting doesn’t appear?

The rotation setting appears only if your hardware supports this feature. Your system will hide it if your hardware doesn’t support it. You can’t rotate your screen if the rotation isn’t listed under the Displays setting. 

Is rotating the mac screen cause any problems?

Yes, it can lead to slow processing or direct system crash. Experts don’t recommend rotating screens for anyone who cannot fix the issue that might arise after rotating your screen. 

Why has my mac rotated screen gone black?

If, after rotating the screen, your mac screen has gone black and unusable, it must have gone into a loop of glitch screens and crashes. Youwon’t be able to see anything or even change the preference back to the previous setting. Eventually, your system will crash. You can fix this issue by shutting down the laptop and restarting it. Another way is to press shift+Cmd+Q and E, leading to the login screen.

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