How To Screen Record On iPhone 13 – Step by Step Guide

how to screen record on iphone 13

How To Screen Record On iPhone 13

Screen recording allows you to record what is happening on your screen. Screenshots are one-time shots of certain images or conversations, but screen recording enables you to record the video of every action on your phone screen. It helps in recording phone tutorials and user guides. 

Learn how to screen record on iPhone 13 with or without sound. Here is how to do that:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Tap on the control setting and select customize controls. 
  • Find the screen recording and tap on the green + sign to add this feature in the control center menu. 
  • Open the control center and tap on the screen recording option. If you want only to capture screen video without audio, then tap on the button once. To record audio from iPhone’s microphone during screen recording, tap and hold the screen recording icon. 
  • There will be a 3-second countdown before the start of the screen recording.
  • You will see a red timer clock in the upper left corner of your phone to indicate that your phone screen is recording everything.  
  • Once you are done capturing your desired action, tap on the red clock on the top left of the screen. The “Stop” option will pop up from the menu. Tap on it to end your screen recording. 
  • A pop-up notification will inform you that your screen recording has been sent to your phone library. 
  • You can go to photos to watch your captured screen recording. 


Why is my screen recording not working on iPhone 13?

It may be due to some technical glitches and bugs. You can solve this screen recording issue by upgrading to the latest iOS version for security updates and bug fixes. To run the latest updates, follow these steps on your iPhone 13. 

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on general settings.
  • Tap on software updates.
  • Download and install the latest updates if it’s available. 

Do all iPhones have a Screen recording option?

Yes, screen recording is a built-in feature in iPhones. But in order to use it, you have to see if the screen record option is in your control center. 

Why can’t I see the screen recording option on my iPhone?

It may be because the screen record option is not in your controls menu. Open your phone settings and go to the control center. Tap on “Customize Controls” to find the features you can customize. Find the screen recording option and tap the green “+” symbol to make this feature appear in your controls menu.

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