How To Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 – Step By Step Guide

how to screenshot on samsung galaxy z flod3

How To Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the latest foldable device known for being super exciting, thin, glossy, and pleasant. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 features swipe gestures and a useful S Pen. If you are facing difficulties capturing a screenshot on Z Fold3, this article is for you. We have discussed different methods of how to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

1- Using the Power and Volume button

Like many android phones, you can use the power and volume buttons to capture the screenshot in Z Fold3. 

  • Simultaneously press and hold the side power key and volume down button. The phone will take a screenshot. 

2- Using Gestures

Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 is no exception when it comes to Samsung’s unique screenshot-capturing technique by gestures. You need to go to the setting to turn on the “palm swipe to capture” option. This feature enables you to capture screenshots by using simple gestures like Placing your hands sideways on either side of the screen and swiping inwards. This method works on both the inner and outer displays. 

3- Using S Pen

You can also use S Pen to capture screenshots. Here is how to do it: 

  • Hover the S Pen over the inner display.
  • Press the Side button on the S Pen. 
  • Select the” Screen Write” option from the menu that appeared. 
  • You can edit or save the captured screenshot. 


Can I capture a screenshot via palm swipe gesture?

Almost all Samsung smartphones have palm swipe capture option. You can enable this feature from the settings of your phone. Open your phone settings to see whether your phone support palm gesture or not. 

How can I use S Pen to capture a screenshot on Z Fold 3?

There are two ways you can capture screenshots using an S pen:

Via “Screen Write”:

  • Hover the S Pen over the inner display.
  • Press the button on the S pen, and a menu will appear. 
  • Select the “Screen Write’ option from the menu to capture a screenshot. 

Via “Smart Select”

  • Hover the S Pen over the inner display.
  • Press the button of S Pen to open a menu.
  • Now select the “Smart Select” option.
  • Now your phone will give you a shape selection option on the display. Select the rectangle shape and drag the S pen over the part of the screen you wish to capture.
  • Lift the S pen away to capture a screenshot of that desired screen area. 
  • You can save or even edit the screenshot you have just captured. 

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