How To Share Audio On Airpods

how to share audio on airpods

How To Share Audio On Airpods

You can share what you are listening to on your AirPods with someone wearing the compatible Airpods or Beats. In this article, we have provided a quick guide on how to share Audio on Airpods

Share Audio on Airpods

Follow these below steps to share your music or whatever you are listening to with your friend. 

  • Before sharing audio, ensure both AirPods and compatible headphones are paired with a supported iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • On your device, tap the Airplay button in the control center, the lock screen, or the now-playing screen. 
  • Tap the Share Audio option below the name of your headphones. 
  • Bring your friend’s AirPods closer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 
  • Tap “Share Audio” on your choice. 
  • Ask your friend to Tap Join on your friend’s device. 


How to stop sharing audio via Airpods?

Here is how you can stop sharing audio on Airpod:

  • On your Device, tap the Airplay button on the now-playing screen, the lock screen, or the control center. 
  • Tap on the name of your friend’s AirPods to turn off the connection.

Can I share Airpods between 2 devices?

With the automatic Device Switching feature, your Air pods can connect to multiple devices simultaneously and switch between them. 

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