How To Transfer Voice Memos From Apple Watch To iPhone

how to transfer voice memos from apple watch to iphone

How To Transfer Voice Memos From Apple Watch To iPhone

The Voice memos option is the most straightforward way to record an important discussion, or a meeting, save a creative idea, or accomplish various other things. Apple mimicked the function of the Voice Memos App on the Apple Watch. The voice memo app for the apple watch has the same features as the one on iPhone. 

The sync of these two devices to transfer voice memos. In this article, we will give you a quick guide on how to transfer voice memos from Apple Watch to iPhone

Here is how to do it:

  • Enable your Apple watch’s WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Now tap the iPhone Icon from the control center to connect the Apple Watch to iPhone
  • Launch the voice recorder app on your Apple Watch. 
  • Tap the Recording Button.
  • Select the recording you want to send to your iPhone. 
  • Finally, select the send to iPhone option to complete the process. 


Why my voice memos from my Apple Watch are not on my iPhone?

If you cannot transfer voice memos from your Apple watch to your iPhone, try restarting your Apple watch and checking the apple ID log-in on both devices. Make sure the apple ID is the same on both Devices. 

Does voice memos on Apple Watch sync to iPhone?

Apple automatically syncs the voice memo app to your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and any other iOS Device where you are signed in with the same Apple ID. To sync voice memos on the apple watch to iPhone, ensure they are both signed in from the same apple ID.

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