How To Unblur A Video – Step By Step Guide

how to unblur a video

How To Unblur A Video

We all experience the blurry video issue after a day spent with friends, attending an event, or whenever we record videos. Watching a blurry video is extremely frustrating. You might have a blurry video you have recorded or downloaded from any platform. 

To make the content of the video clear and visible, you can try different methods to unblur that video. In this article, we have listed some step-by-step methods of how to unblur a video using Desktops Mac/Windows, iPhone, Android, and online for free to make things easy for you. 

Use AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI for unblurring a video on Mac/Windows.

AVCLabs video enhancer AI is one of the best methods to unblur a video using Mac or windows. AI technologies and powerful algorithms drive this software. You can easily remove the blur from the video with the help of one click. This software has fine-tuning settings that allow you to optimize video brightness, contrast, and saturation.

You can improve the video quality using this software’s AI video upscaling tool. Here is how to use this software:

  • Download AVCLapbs video enhancer AI online. 
  • Install it on your windows PC or Mac.
  • After installation, click on its icon n the desktop to launch the software
  • Import the blurry video you want to fix in the software. 
  • Select the AI model and set output parameters. 
  • Trim the unwanted parts frame by frame to save processing time. 
  • Configure the performance settings to determine the hardware used while processing and max memory consumption. 
  • Click unblurring process by clicking on the “Start Processing” button. Processing time depends on the size of your video. 
  • Now you can enjoy the unblurry video.

Unblur a video on iPhone

To unblur a video on iPhone, download a third-party video editing app such as InShot video editor. Inshot offers so many fantastic features to edit videos and enhance their quality. Follow the below steps to learn how to use the Inshot video editor to unblur a video on iPhone. 

  • Download and install the Inshot Video editor.
  • Open the app and upload the blurry video you want to fix. 
  • Tap on the “Adjust” option to see the available effects range. 
  • Tap on the “Sharpen” option.
  • Regulate the intensity of the effect according to your need. 

Unblur a video on Android

Android doesn’t have a built-in tool for unblurring a video. You need to download a third-party app to unblur the desired video. The best video editing app for Android is Videoshop. This app is handy and offers multiple features to enhance video quality. Here is how to use Videoshop to unblur a video:

  • Download and install the Videoshop app.
  • Open the app and import the blurry video
  • Tap on the “Adjust Display” option to change brightness, contrast, and saturation. 
  • Export the video after editing by clicking on the “Tick” Symbol. 

Unblur A video Online for Free

You can use free online software to unblur videos effectively. Clideo Video Clearer is a popular online video editor that offers multiple tools to sharpen the video and smoothen the transition. Here is how to use Clideo Video clearer to unblur video:

  • Open the Clideo video clearer editor online. 
  • Upload your blurry video.
  • Tap the “Adjust” option to improve clarity and adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. 
  • Select Video output format.
  • Save the unblurry video. 


Unblurring a video is possible through third-party video editing apps and online free video editing websites. You can use so many efficient video editors for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android to make videos clear and deblur. 

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