How To Uncensor Apple Music – Step By Step Guide

how to uncensor apple music

How To Uncensor Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the largest and most popular music streaming platforms for iPhone users. It is also available for android users. There are millions of songs on apple music that you can add to your playlist to listen to whenever you want. 

All kinds of songs are in the apple music library, including explicit and adult songs. Apple Music censors the explicit songs and words from the songs to prevent you from listening to them. But if you want to uncensored the songs because you don’t want to ruin song flow or are not bound by age anymore, you can always do it from Apple Music settings. 

In this article, we have discussed how to uncensor Apple Music. Read this article for a quick guide on how to uncensor apple music on iPhone and Mac. 

How to Uncencor Apple Music on iPhone

  • Open your iPhone settings.
  • Tap “Screen Time” and turn it on if it’s not already. 
  • Go to the Content and Privacy Restrictions
  • Tap on “Content Restrictions” and select music from the list.
  • Tap on the Explicit Setting to allow it.

How to Uncencor Apple Music on Mac

  • On your Macbook or iMac, go to “System Preferences.” 
  • Select screen time from the options. 
  • Tap on “Content and Privacy” and turn it on. 
  • Select the “Stores” option from the menu bar. 
  • Check the Music box, look for an explicit censor option, and turn it off. 


Why are songs restricted on Apple music?

Apple Music censors the music on your phone to prevent you from listening to explicit content on your iPhone or Mac. There is a censor in yApple Music that censor words or even some songs from being played.

Is it possible to uncensor apple music?

If you don’t want apple music to censor swear words or explicit songs, you can always uncensor apple music from its settings. 

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