How To Watch Netflix On Apple CarPlay

how to watch netflix on apple carplay

How To Watch Netflix On Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is software that allows your iPhone to connect with your car’s built-in entertainment and information system. This software puts frequently used apps on the car’s infotainment display. In most cars, Apple CarPlay comes pre-installed. 

Apple has a keen interest in safety while driving: that’s why Netflix can’t be streamed on Carplay. But it is possible to watch Netflix on CarPlay with different methods. In this article, we have listed some ways how to watch Netflix on Apple Carplay

How To Watch Netflix on CarPlay With a Jailbreaker

Jailbreaker is any third-party app that breaks Apple’s security and allows you to watch Netflix on CarPlay. But jailbreaking is not advised as it is a complicated procedure. It may lead to harmful viruses and malware attacking your phone. It also compromises the safety of your device. Jailbreaking is not recommended, but if you want to watch Netflix on CarPlay through Jailbreak, you can download any jailbreaker app from the app store and the web. 

With CarBridge App

CarBridge App streams contents from your iPhone screen to your Car Video and Audio Player screen. It’s a hassle-free app that prevents you from jailbreaking Apple security. Here is how you can use CarBridge to watch Netflix on CarPlay:

  • Download, and Install Carbridge App on your iPhone. The app will offer you a few options before you install it, and you have to select iOS and download. 
  • After successful installation, you will receive a pop-up message telling you to install a few Apps to run CarBridge properly.
  • Open the App from your Device.
  • Next, Enter your Apple ID and Passcode to install a few apps by following the procedure. 
  • Launch the CarBridge app and Turn the In-application switch on. 
  • Connect an iPhone and Car stereo through CarBridge.
  • Now you can add Netflix to the most used Apps on CarPlay to stream your favorite content.

Use MMB Device 

If you don’t want to download third-party apps, you can use MMB or Multimedia box devices to play content from Netflix in your car.

  • Plug in the MMB device with the car stereo. This helps in converting the MMB device into a part of the CarPlay. 
  • Next, Boot the Apple CarPlay. 
  • Scroll Downwards in the ‘Apps‘ section and tap ‘More Apps‘.
  • You will have to search Netflix and Play the content you desire. 


Why won’t CarPlay Play Netflix?

Apple has a keen interest in safety while driving: that’s why Netflix can’t be streamed on Carplay. But watching Netflix on CarPlay with a jailbreaker app, CarBridge App, and an MMB device is possible.

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