What Monitor Do I Have? How To Find It

what monitor do i have

What Monitor Do I Have?

In order to download the right drivers to your display, or find out the screen’s resolution, refresh rate, or anything else, you have to identify what monitor you have. The search for the brand of your monitor is straightforward, and it’s usually located on the lower right side of the screen. Sometimes you can find it just behind the screen.

Whatever your reasons it is important to determine the manufacturer, model as well as specifications. This article will guide you with this. What’s more, using this info you will be able to see more than just your monitor’s details however, you can also find the monitor right in front of you.

For clarity To make it clearer, I would suggest that you search for the details of your monitor in a systematic manner. The first step is to learn about the maker (nothing other than the name that it is a part of). After that, it’s the model for it. Then, after that, it will be easy to find the specifications. This is where you will discover the necessity of having the monitor on a computer.

How To Find a Monitor Manufacturer or Brand?

The manufacturer or brand of the monitor is the foundation of the item. In accordance with the brand, you can be sure that the product will be of high quality. In this case, Dell is one of the top monitor makers available. Because of its brand recognition Dell, the business (Dell) will also add price to the monitor. Thus, all purchasers or clients would have to pay for the item. In addition to Dell and other popular brands use this method.

They maintain their top quality of the product and also features in line with the amount they pay us. The monitors that are branded have more efficiency compared to cheaper or local ones.

These are steps to identify the model of the monitor.

The lower right corner of the screen

In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is a manufacturer or the brand’s name. It is important to put the brand’s name on the display only if its bezel is large enough. In the case of smaller spaces on bezel-free or bezel-less monitors, the name of the brand or logo can be seen in the background of the display.

Dell, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, and MSI, etc. are all placed with their logos and brand names on the bottom of the display as it appears.

In the packaging of your monitor, you will find the brand name.

Local monitors might be missing or not include their brand names printed on the packing boxes. However, monitors made by famous brands are required to include the name and model numbers, along with the brand’s name as well as specifications, if they are available. It is possible that the placement of the monitor will differ from one brand to the next or between one item and another. It is therefore recommended to look at all angles (front and back) left, right left, right, and top) to get the information about your monitor.

On the package for this Samsung screen, I discovered this.

If you switch ON the monitor, the manufacturer or brand name will be displayed.

Another way to identify the brand name or the manufacturer’s name on the display is to glance at the monitor’s display after you switch on the monitor. Be careful, once you switch ON a CPU unit, the brand of the motherboard will be displayed, then when you switch on the monitor, it will display.

Settings for your monitor will include the brand and model.

The most current monitors have their specific settings regardless of the operating system for computers. You will be able to locate the brand name of the monitor and its model by checking the settings. In my case, for instance, I have an LCD monitor that I do not have any idea of its model or brand or specifications, or even anything else. Then I search for menu buttons that are on the screen These buttons could be back or front depending upon the model and manufacturer.

My monitor’s menu buttons appear in the upper right corner when I press them. The menu for my monitor opens. With the menu open the brand name and model will appear as follows.

When I went to the setting for my monitor, I realized that the brand name of my monitor was Dell and that the model number is U2412M.

How to find the model of your monitor?

These methods will help you know the name of the monitor or the manufacturer of your laptop. The next step is to identify the type of model and the kind of specifications it is. To make it easier to understand I put the model in using ways to find it and then the specifications methods in different ways.

In the Device Manager Choose Monitorsto to identify the model

The device manager app is an application for computers that runs an operating system called the Windows operating system. Follow the steps below to locate the model of your monitor by using the app device manager installed on your computer.

  1. Search for ‘ device manager’ in the search bar. Use an alternative keystroke Windows + S to access your search window.
  2. The system will suggest an app to manage devices Click on it.
  3. Select the option ‘ monitors on the left side of the screen. This list includes all monitors on the computer.
  4. Simply click the menu monitors. After that, the monitors attached to your PC will show their names as well as their model.

The model and the brand of the Monitor are on the packaging

It’s well-known that every product has the name of its 

maker and model. Computer monitors aren’t an exception to this.

In case you’re wondering, aren’t sure how to gauge the screen of your computer’s monitor? There are two easy methods to look through.

The settings of the display on Windows PC will show the display model.

The topic has already been discussed. model and brand of the monitor on the setting in Windows. Windows computer. But, I’ll need to describe the steps in plain English.

Setup >System tab, then Display >Advanced Display Settings (Here you will find the brand name and model of your monitor.)

In the settings of your monitor, You’ll see its type.

In the same way, it is possible to access screen settings by using the buttons located on your screen. Once you have opened the settings of your monitor there will be a design and other details regarding the monitor.

Download Belarc Advisor software

Another choice I offer for you to determine the model of your monitor is using third-party software such as Belarc, Monitorinfoview, etc. I would recommend using Belarc Advisor because you can get all information about the system together with details about the monitor.

Here you can download Belarc Advisor.

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, launch the program. After that, the page will appear in your preferred browser. Then, on the page, you’ll find the details on your personal computer, as well as the information for display.

Enter the Code in the command prompt 

Simply follow these steps to display the monitor’s model name and model number on the Command Prompt screen.

  1. Use the WinKey + Sto keys to WinKey and Sto start an instant search within Your Windows PC.
  2. Next, enter command or cmd and hit Enter. The prompt for command will appear.
  3. In the code box, type the following code “wmic desktop monitor get Caption, MonitorType, MonitorManufacturer, Name”. It is easy to cut and paste this code.
  4. Press enter. After that, the page for command will be displayed including the monitor’s manufacturer as well as the model number.

wmic desktopmonitor get Caption, MonitorType, MonitorManufacturer, Name

The outcome will be the same way.

How to find my monitor specifications?

It is essential to know the specifications of your display so that you are able to make use of the device and the monitor effectively. As an example, your display can be set to a 120Hz refresh rate. However, by default, it comes with a 60Hz setting. If you’re not aware of the feature (120Hz mode) in your display, what can you do to use this feature? If you do not use this feature, it’s unproductive to utilize the monitor.

So, knowing the specs of your monitor is crucial for any PC user. Below I will give you simple and effective methods to locate the specifications of your display.

Googling the brand name and model to locate the specifications

For in this step, you must use the information you have gained from this article. It is easy to locate the model and brand of your monitor in the computer. If you can find this important information on the monitor you’ll find everything about the monitor you own in just a few moments in the world of digital.

You can search Google, Bing, or any other search engine you are comfortable with for details on the monitor. As an example, my screen is Dell U2412M therefore I could use the search engine to find “Dell U2412M specifications” “Dell U2412M review” or “Dell U2412M”. Whatever way you choose, see the results and then choose the hyperlink or website that appears trustworthy. That’s it. All necessary information is on their website.

The manual for the monitor contains the full listing of the specs.

Do you have the manual for your monitor in your possession? You aren’t required to perform every single thing that is time-consuming. Simply open the manual, and go through the English version. Also, you can read the second language included in the manual in case you’re familiar with the language. It is no difference in details in the manual in regards to the specific language it uses.

you can access details like…

  • Brand Monitor
  • Model
  • Rate of Refresh
  • Power consumption
  • Unique features
  • Available ports
  • Access guide for the screen settings
  • Size of the screen as well as resolution and so on.

These are only the instances where you will find many more examples in the manual for monitors.

On the other side of the monitor, there are highlighted details of it

Certain monitors with branded names will include the basics of specifications along with the item or monitor. If you want to know the status of your monitor as one of them, look at the back side of your display. It will contain the basic or highlighted specifications of the product.

In addition to the name of the manufacturer as well as the model number In addition to the model number and brand name, you will find specifics of the monitor’s system such as the speed of refresh, the screen resolution as well as the dimensions of the display, the energy consumption, and more. Find the energy consumption of your laptop.

Advanced settings for display in Windows PC have monitor specs

You are now aware that the latest display options include information about the monitor such as the name of the manufacturer and the model. In addition, there are essential specifications of your display such as the GPU connected to it display resolution, speed of refresh, etc.

The monitor’s settings show the details of the monitor.

It is necessary to press the buttons on your monitor to get access to the monitor’s settings. The settings of the monitor There are a few aspects about the monitor such as the types it can support as well as the types of ports it can support and the resolutions it is compatible with as well as the contrast and color it offers, and so on.

There won’t be numerous things on the monitor using this method. But, anything can be better than nothing therefore, try it when you’re in need of it.


This is the most effective option to locate the brand’s name, model, and specs. If you have any information to include here, please feel free to add it to your feedback. What’s the most efficient way to get the information on your monitor? Comment below.

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