Why Apple Watch Won’t Swipe up [ Solved ]

Why apple watch won't swipe up

Why Apple Watch Won’t Swipe up

Apple watches are one of the most convenient products for Apple users. It uses blue tooth and Wi-Fi to communicate with your paired iPhone. Apple Watch has several incredible features, such as fall detection, heart rate monitor, ECG, etc. But all these features are useless if your apple watch won’t swipe up.

If you are facing this issue and feeling worried about why Apple watch won’t swipe up or down on your Apple Watch, this article will help you fix this. But before trying any of the following tips, try cleaning the screen and edges, removing the screen protector, and swiping up with clean hands. A dirty and greasy watch screen can affect your swiping experience. If this doesn’t help, move on to the fixing tips below.

1. Reboot the Watch

Your watch may be facing technical glitches or bugs that may cause the watch to not respond to your swipes. You can try rebooting your watch to fix this issue. 

2. Restart Apple Watch

Restarting is the first and most helpful tip whenever a gadget freezes or does not respond properly. If you can’t swipe up on the watch screen, then restart your apple watch.

3. Try Slow Swipes

It is recommended to swipe on your watch a bit slower than usual. The reason behind this is that it could be a software bug that prevents the watch system from detecting normal swipes. You can keep on swiping it slowly until a fix update is pushed. 

4. Unpair and Re-pair the watch

Your watch can face bugs and glitches that may cause the swiping problem. The most convenient way is to unpair the watch from your iPhone and pair it again. But before unpairing, back up your apple watch to restore it later. But remember one thing, While re-pairing your apple watch, set it as a new watch and do not restore it from backup because it may cause the persistence of that issue.

5. Change Watch Face

Sometimes when your watch doesn’t respond to your swipe is not due to a software or hardware issue but a watch face preventing your Apple Watch from registering Swipe gestures. So try changing the watch face of your apple watch to see if it helps. 

First, lift your wrist to light up the screen. You may also have to tap on it once. Swipe horizontally from left to right edge to easily switch between watch faces.

6. Check for screen cracks

Check your watch for any scratches or cracks. Since the watch is designed to stay on your wrist, it’s easy to get scratched and cracked around corners and bezels. These cracks may affect the areas where you swipe. If you find cracks on your watch, then you need to visit Apple support.

7. Turn System Haptics OFF and ON

Turning system haptics off and on can be another solution to fix your swiping problem on an Apple watch. Some users have reported positive results after using this method to solve their swiping issue even without resetting their watch.

8. Check for any watchOS updates

Your watch may not detect swiping because its version is outdated. Updating your watch with the latest watchOS version would help eliminate this issue. Once the update is complete, check if the swiping problem is still there.

9. Factory reset the watch

After trying the tips mentioned earlier, you should try factory resetting if your watch still doesn’t fix the swiping problem. After resetting, you can re-pair the watch with your iPhone again.  

10. Contact Apple support

If, after trying everything, your apple watch swipe issue is not fixed or you found cracks that can’t be fixed, then there is a chance that this is a hardware issue. Contact the Apple support team to report the issue as your last resort. They will assist you in fixing that issue. 


Why My Apple Watch is not responding?

There are various reasons why Apple Watch might not be working. Try force restarting and rebooting it to see if that fixes the issue.

How can I restart an unresponsive apple watch?

You can restart your unresponsive watch by Pressing the crown and side buttons together and releasing them when you see the apple logo. 

Why can’t I swipe down my apple watch on the red dot?

In the apple watch, the red dot represents unread notifications, and if you can’t swipe on them, try restarting your watch. You need to force restart if it doesn’t fix. 

Is factory resetting necessary to fix the swiping issue on my Apple watch?

Use factory resetting as your last resort to fix this issue. You can try all other ways to solve this problem. But if the problem is persistent, then factory resetting can be the end solution. 

How can I force restart my apple watch?

Follow these simple three steps to force restart your apple watch.

  • Press and hold the crown and side buttons at the same time. 
  • Release the buttons when you see the Apple logo on the screen. 
  • Now, wait for the watch to boot up.

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