Why Is My Monitor Blurry?

Why is my monitor blurry

Why Is My Monitor Blurry?

Do you have a brand new screen, but it is unclear upon installation? Do you find it difficult to read the texts and games with the screen? There’s no need for you to put it on your eye sight as your issue could lie related to the monitor’s hardware or software.

Quick Answer:

A screen can appear blurry as a result of a low screen resolution that is not scaled to the display’s native resolution which can affect image quality. When there is a problem with the hardware Display cables, like VGA or HDMI aren’t properly connected to computers and can disrupt the flow of information.

The reason for a blurred display is not to have to do with the warranty, or even the manufacture. Every display, whether it’s new or old, will be blurred.

In this piece of this article, we’ll answer any questions you may have, like “why is my monitor blurry” and how you can do something to fix the issue. The article will also provide four ways to correct the problem of blurred display using straightforward steps.

Reasons For Blurry Monitor

If you’re thinking, “why is my monitor blurry?” Here are four potential motives.

Improper Monitor Connection

One of the most common reasons for a blurred screen is because the display’s USB cable is not properly attached. In addition, a loosely bound connection to the cable via VGA cable can cause flickering or blinking. In addition, the disconnects between the connectors on both the device and port for the monitor could cause the problem.

Incompatible Graphics Drivers

Graphic and gaming enthusiasts like to make specific PC settings that have the most powerful GPU. If you’ve installed the wrong drivers for graphics it is likely that the display hardware you are using isn’t functioning properly with the software. It could cause blurred or distorted pictures when playing or streaming.

Low Screen Resolution

Display monitors have the maximum amount of pixels within its casing. The screen may appear blurry when the resolution on display isn’t the same as the resolution of the monitor.

High Refresh Rate

Gamers generally increase their screen’s refresh rate in order to experience games at a greater speed of refresh. An altered refresh rate could result in blurry and pixelated images when frames are passed at a greater rate.


The blurry effect of images is typically seen in monitors with VGA cables. This is why it’s advised to choose an HDMI or DVI cable when they’re compatible with your display.

Fixing Blurry Monitor

If you’re sick of cleaning your monitor’s screen, and asking yourself why it’s blurry, you can solve it in a hurry by using these 4 effective strategies.

Check Monitor Connections

One of the first things you may need to look over is the connection of the cable being connected to the display of your monitor in the following instructions:

  1. Turn off the monitor and check that your power cable is connected into your monitor correctly.
  2. Then shut off the computer and check to make sure that there’s no power.
  3. Check your display cable VGA, HDMI, or DVI is securely connected to the screen.
  4. Additionally, you can remove your display cable and then plug it back to the ports for input.
  5. Switch off your display and the computer system to see a crisp display.

Troubleshoot With Windows Fix

The method used is usually automatic and suggested to Windows computer users. If your screen is distorted, you could get a notification that says “Let Windows try to fix applications, to ensure they’re not blurry” this will fix the problem in a way that is automatic. This feature can be enabled in your system using these steps:

  1. Use the keyboard’s “Windows logo” key and “I” simultaneously.
  2. The “Settings” Window will be opened. Click on “System” in the “Settings” panel.
  3. Then, select from the “Display” section located on the left side and then go to “Advanced Settings for Scaling“.
  1. There is an option to toggle “Let Windows try to make apps more stable so that they’re not blurry“.
  2. Change the toggle to “On” and restart your PC in order to correct the blurred display issue.

Adjust Screen Resolution

If your icons and other options displayed on the screen of your monitor appear blurred, this is likely caused by a lower resolution. Fix and increase the resolution of your monitor to eliminate the blurred monitor by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to “Start” > “Settings” > “Display“.
  2. Then, look for the drop-down menu labeled “Display resolution“.
  3. Use the menu bar that is below “Display” resolution for a resolution that you can set to a satisfactory size.
  4. Choose the resolution of your screen that has “Recommended” written below it.
  5. Your screen will appear clear and free of blur.


If your monitor seems to be blurred only when gaming, make sure to change the resolution in the gaming display settings.

Reinstall Graphics Driver

It doesn’t have to be related to hardware if the screen of your monitor is blurry Try reinstalling the graphics driver using the two steps below:

  1. Visit “Device Manager” and click on “Device Manager” and select the “Display Adapter” on the list.
  2. Left-click the “Display adapter” to reveal the graphic hardware’s name.
  3. Then, right-click the name of the graphics hardware and then click the “Uninstall” option.
  4. Visit the Graphics’s site for hardware manufacturers for the most up-to-date drivers.
  5. Then, install the latest drivers and reboot your system to see a crisp display.


This guide will explain the reason why my screen is blurry. We discussed a range of causes that could cause blurred images on the screen of your monitor. The problem could be due to the hardware or software or the two. We’ve also covered a variety of ways to display crisp videos and images on the monitor.

We’re hoping you’ve discovered and solved the issue.

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