Why isn’t Disney plus working on my Mac? Here’s What You Need to Know!

why isn't Disney Plus working on my Mac

Why isn’t Disney plus working on my Mac?

Disney Plus has become one of the favorite streaming services worldwide. It offers a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original masterpieces from Disney, National Geographic, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and many more. Disney Plus content can be streamed on Macbook and many other supported devices. 

It ruins all fun when you are ready to watch your favorite show, and Disney Plus is not streaming on your Macbook and you start worrying about why isn’t Disney Plus working on my Mac and how to fix this issue. We have written down the complete solution to your problem.

1. Check the Internet connection.

The very first thing is obviously to check whether your internet is connected or not. Streaming platforms stop working if the internet speed is slow and out of the range of the internet connection.

 You can follow these tips to ensure a good internet connection for Disney Plus.

2. Restart your Network Router.

Turn off your Network router and wait a few seconds before turning it back On. Restarting the connection often solves the issue.

3. Check Internet Speed.

According to Disney, the recommended internet speed to get the best experience is 5.0 Mbps for high-definition content and 25.0 Mbps for 4K UHD content while streaming from its content library. 

That’s why check your internet speed using any free internet speed checking tools to ensure a proper speed for steaming. 

4. Switch to the Ethernet connection.

If Disney Plus is still not working, switch to the hand-wired Ethernet Connection instead of Wifi. Ethernet is known for providing good internet speed and fast connectivity.

5. Change DNS Server in Network Settings.

A lot of network issues related to streaming content can be fixed by simply changing the DNS server. Usually, your DNS Server is determined by the router configuring your Macbook. 

Your internet service provider provides your DNS server, which might be slower, causing Disney Plus to stop. You can fix this issue by changing your DNS server to a fast Public DNS server. You can change it directly on your router’s dashboard and also by changing it under the network settings on your Macbook. You can find plenty of tutorials on how to change your DNS server on YouTube.

6. Turn OFF Ads Blocker and Browser Extensions.

Ad blockers could also be the reason why Disney Plus might not be working on Mac. Disable any ad blockers you have on your chrome browser. You can also turn it off just for the Disney Plus website.

If you have any other Browser extension that affects the loading of Disney Plus content, you have to disable it or remove it from your browser. 

7. Turn Off VPN.

If you have your VPN On, Disney Plus won’t work because it does not support using a VPN. You may see a black screen trying to search for the content library if your VPN is on. Simply turn it off and try to log in to your Disney Plus account. This time it will start working if VPN is the issue.

8. Clear the Browser’s Cache and Cookies.

Disney Plus might stop working if you have corrupt cache files saved on your browser. You just have to clear the cache data and cookies saved on your browser. Once it’s clear, try to log in again to enjoy your streaming. 

This tip also applies to browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini, Brave, and many more. After cleaning the cache, Disney plus will start loading your content.

9. Re-Login to Disney Plus Account.

You can always try re-login to your Disney plus account if it’s not loading library content. Just log out and wait for a couple of seconds before re-login.  

10. Log Out from Disney Plus Account from all other devices.

Disney Plus subscription allows up to 4 different devices. If you have Disney Plus sign-in on other devices and they are in active use, it might affect your streaming. Log out from your Disney plus account from all other devices or make sure they are not in active use at the same time you are trying to access the content.

11. Check Disney Plus Server.

Sometimes Disney Plus streaming server is down itself. In such cases, the issue is not from your MacBook. Usually, when the Disney server is down, you can’t access it from all devices, such as tablets, smartphones, smart TV, and other streaming sticks. 

Disney supper team often posts an update on their social media handle to let you know that their services will not be available for a certain period of time. 

12. Try a different Browser.

If Disney Plus is still not working on your Macbook, try switching to another browser. A specific browser might not be able to load your Disney plus content maybe because your IP address might have been blocked or flagged for suspicious login activity.

13. Try watching another show.

Sometimes the content you try to access will not load because Disney Plus on your Mac might be specific to certain content. In this case, close the content you were trying to see and try searching for something else. 

If you don’t face any loading issues with other content, then you know that it’s specific to the show or TV series you were trying to access previously. 

14. Report to Disney Plus Support.

If, after trying everything mentioned above, the Disney Plus account is not working on your MacBook, then you need to contact Disney Plus to report the issue.


Does VPN affect Disney Plus working?

Yes, If you have your VPN On, Disney Plus won’t work because it does not support using a VPN. Turn it off before streaming. 

How can we report an issue to Disney Plus?

You can report any issue regarding Disney Plus on their official supper page. Their team will assist you accordingly.

Why is Disney Plus not working on Chrome?

If you are unable to access Disney plus content on Chrome, then try clearing cache and cookies data. Sometimes Disney plus on your mac is specific toward certain content. That’s why to try searching for something else. If you still cannot load content, switch to another browser.

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